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  1. Where did you see those ? I’d almost just pay that to ensure having atleast one extended mag. In my mind if I can’t find one sooner or later I may as well just sell the gun.
  2. My gun seems to shoot both sizes fine with the 5 round mags I got when I bought the gun. Now I just need some extended mags. I’d like the have a few 10 rounders or the 8 rounders they made.
  3. Has there been any extended mags made or anyone that’s has been selling old ones. I always like to check every once in a while. I’ve been on the waiting list on the cspecs ones for ever and have never heard if they ever made them
  4. Ya I've been getting sick of the waiting and waiting and waiting for extended mags for my s20. Ive been waiting forever, so I'm also thinking about just getting rid of it to get an S12 or even a s410. I seem to have no issues finding extended mags and drums for any saiga except the s20. I really love that gun too so it makes me mad, but the gun is 100% worthless to me without atleast a 10 round mag.
  5. I have been told the cspecs 10 rounders are sapose to be coming in at the beginning of the year. But it's almost April and still nothing as far as I know
  6. I just bought my first Saiga a 20 gauge model. I'm seeing that extended mags are hard to find,does anyone know where I can find a few. The 13 round clear ones or a 10 round or something like that, any help would be very appreciated.
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