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    I am needing a saiga 20 barrel - any ideas

    What would be the "right price" ole buddy..ole pal...ole bestest friend of mine...:-) 1shootist forgot to add.....The "one post wonder" 1shootist
  2. 1shootist

    I am needing a saiga 20 barrel - any ideas

    dang ya'll are brutal.....;-) sorry , I've got a pretty sick son and haven't had the time to get on board here of late...my apology gents... now to the issue at hand....I bought the shotgun from an leo buddy who shortened it to suit his needs at the time.....now it's mine and I want it factory length or as close to it as I can get because I more than likely will not keep it and I don't want there to be any questions or worries when I decide to trade or sell it... thanks to everyone who chimed in!! The "one post wonder" .....1shootist
  3. Hello all! I am needing to get a replacement barrel for my Saiga 20 gauge...length doesn't matter, as long as it's factory and has no issues...I have been unable to find one ...can anyone point me to one forsale? thanks for any assistance ya'll offer! 1shootist