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  1. N4KVE

    Polishing Question

    All Saiga 308's come with that metal buffer at the end of the recoil spring. On mine, I changed the recoil rod to the old tube style from a milled AK with the original 308 spring, & a buffer tech buffer. Works great. But yes, every 308 Saiga comes from the factory with a buffer. GARY
  2. N4KVE

    saiga .308 22"

    This is what I put on my Saiga 308 16" barrel. Plug & play. https://www.legionusa.com/ak-wood-hand-guard-for-saiga-iz-132.html
  3. N4KVE

    Cheap Greek Milsurp... But...

    While those prices during the "scare" were high, anyone who paid those prices was "foolish". But some people did pay those prices, or CTD would have sold none. In my only dealing with them, I paid $7.95 for 30 rd UZI mags, & they offered me $5 shipping for package of 7 mags. It's sad when people come to our table at the gun show wanting to sell a rife they bought during the "scare". We have to base the value on what these guns cost today, & not what they paid then. They take a huge hit, but are desperate for the cash to pay bills, etc. From personal experience, the cost to the LGS never rose a dime during the scare, & all that extra money into the selling price went into the LGS owner's pockets. However, a few LGS did not raise prices in the hope that when prices came down, people would remember who the profiteers were. Obviously, all you guys remember CTD. GARY
  4. N4KVE

    opinions on unita mags

    I have some FBMG's, & they work great. 7 or so years old, & still going strong. GARY
  5. N4KVE

    importation of the saigas????

    On my Saiga .308, my smith pushed the front site all the way back until it rested against the gas block, & then sliced the barrel. But now the barrel is about 15", so he pinned an AK 74 comp on the end, so barrel length is correct. Years ago, the Saigas were imported by EAA in Florida. A few years later, RAAC became the sole importer. Now it seems every batch that enters the country has a new importer. And many guns have an ugly knurling mark where the previous importer's name is covered up. There's even a company in Hallandale Florida near me that imported a batch several years ago. Mercury Hermes, Fime, & Legion are but a few of the recent importers. No more exclusive deals. GARY
  6. N4KVE

    922r, is this how it works?

    I am definitely going to do a full conversion, its at the top of the list for this rifle. If you add the military type parts to the gun, then technically you have created a gun which would not be able to be imported. So yes, 922 applies. But if you buy one already done, then 922 does not apply as you didn't create a military type weapon. Also, inserting a mag does not create an illegal weapon. Nobody on any forum I have read has ever been charged with a 922 violation. The law was created to allow companies like Arsenal, & Century to import sporting, or hunting type weapons, & transform them to military looking weapons. GARY
  7. N4KVE

    Saiga Evolution

    Why are you guys removing the barrel to have it shortened? When I bought my 308, I sent it to my smith to be restored. He shortened the barrel, crowned, & threaded it w/o removing the barrel. He works on AK's all the time & made a special jig to turn the whole gun on his lathe. His work is excellent, & people send him guns to work on from all over the country. GARY
  8. N4KVE

    who sales new parts ?

    K-var has extra bolts in 7.62, 5.45, & 223 because their sister company [Arsenal] imports thousands of these guns, but they don't bring in the .308 Saiga. There are no extra Saiga parts in the US for 308.
  9. I put that front wooden foregrip on my 16" bbl Saiga .308 with a Romy side folder on the rear. GARY
  10. N4KVE

    Best trigger group for 308?

    Same here on the FSE trigger parts. No problem with the safety lever either. But yes, no longer available. GARY
  11. N4KVE

    Quick question - Bolt "limiter"

    I never had that problem, but I immediately bought an older Bulgarian tube type recoil rod assy, installed the 308 recoil spring, & Buffer Tech buffer. Never had a problem. GARY
  12. N4KVE

    Best trigger group for 308?

    Got a FSE trigger set in my S308 rifle. No problem with the safety. Works great, but I don't know if FSE is still making these. GARY
  13. N4KVE

    Where can I get Saiga .308 wooden stocks?

    I got mine from SAIGARIFLESTOCK.COM a few years ago. Already finished & ready to install on the gun. Beautiful! GARY
  14. N4KVE

    Thickness of S308 Receiver.

    On my Saiga .308 the receiver is 1mm. I know this because I am able to easily slide my Romy side folder into the rear of the receiver. To slide a Romy side folder into a 1.6 mm receiver like a Chinese AK, the 4 sides of the folder have to be filed to fit in the thicker receiver. My Saiga is from 06. Maybe the new ones are thicker, but I don't think so. GARY
  15. N4KVE

    S308 felt recoil

    MUCH louder. The 308 Saiga's already come with a buffer on the recoil rod assy, but it's metal. I removed it & use a Buffer Tech unit. GARY N4KVE