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    Tapco G2 Trigger Problems.

    Hi all, Just finished fitting my Timberline furniture to my Saiga 308 and after thinking what a sh*t show that was, felt relieved to finally be getting on to putting in the trigger. Test fit the hammer, and as expected needed to grind the front of the G2 hammer to clear the crossbar enough to fully extend into striking position. Much to my delight, everything came together with a satisfying click. The joy was short lived however, because the match seemed a little short, and I found that by roughly side bumping the works, I could get it to fire. I also simulated engaging the safety (no proper lever yet) and upon removing safety, when it would roll into the hooks, it would just skip, causing the hammer to just keep going until it hit the crossbar (not intended, I know it shouldn't be dry fired into that of course). I want to add that I chose the double hook option, so I used a dremel to index the bottom of the receiver for the second hook. No other mods were performed to the receiver. There is a part of me that thinks that if I shave down a little on the tab of the trigger that meets the web between the two hook reliefs in the receiver I might be able to get the hooks to engage further. Stupid Idea? What could be causing the issue? Any help appreciated.