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  1. Used HK usp 40 compact and 2 p2000 mags, m&p shield 9mm and 3 8rd mags. I wasn't happy with the reliability of my old ccw pistols.
  2. Back in the old days the way to add a bullet guide was to buy some steel gas pipe, chop it in half lengthwise, notch it and drill and tap or silver solder it in. I just donated the pipe to habitat for humanity.
  3. Used to be amember on here but probably got axed due to inactivity. Wife and kids took a huge bite out of shooting. I bought a several saigas probably 1998-1999 timeframe, 7.62x389, 7.62x51 and 12 gauge. I went ahead and slapped in conversion parts for both rifles and bought some pipe for the 7.62x39 but never got around to it. Last fall I finally bought a bullet guide kit and installed it. I also had a wasr10 which I restored from an aku94 bullpup kit about a month ago. So sunday before last I finally test fired both 7.62x39's, then handed the saiga to my 14 yro daughter for a while
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