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  1. Interesting information, btw what is preeming? Sorry I am currently away at work and wont be home til next week. I will sure to get you those sn numbers, I am curious to see what issues my gun will have.
  2. Hey Ben, the importer group is FIME GROUP and the first four digits on the sn are 0959. May I ask why you are asking? Srry it took awhile to answer, I've been away at work.
  3. 20x76 is stamp on the receiver. I thought the gun can use both size shells?
  4. I can't fine any handguard for the 20g that I like. I read somewhere that you can use a 308 handguard and modified it to fit. Is that true?
  5. Great advice, thank you.. I will try to take it out this weekend..
  6. Great! I will keep a look out for it. thanks
  7. Hello people, I made an impulse purchase on a Saiga 20 with 1 5rnd mag at a gun store that was closing down. I got it for 500 dollars out the door, hope that was a good deal. I later found out that this platform had very little accessories for it, especially magazines. I can't seem to find any website that sells them. Am I too late to the game?
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