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  1. Synthetic cordura with semi rigid kydex reinforcement between layers and a alpine austria "cobra" quick buckle. Easy on, easy off and will not sag, stretch or twist; no holes for buckle to get deformed and can easily be adjusted for weight loss/gain. Only downside..(based on opinion and what you normally wear) is they wont be confused for a regular belt worn with dress pants etc. If you wear your shirt untucked it wouldnt really matter though, as you wouldnt see it.
  2. Half black "president". lets not forget hes cousins with george bush, dick chenney and brad pit among others leading back to british royalty. Believe it, theres a reason why he was placed into the position. We lucked out with Trump because hes rich, well known and popular enough to completely expose how they control elections. If they would have stole the election from him it would have been obnoxiously obvious and there is no doubt Trump would would have used all his resources to prove it and completely expose their scam. Ultimately if that would have happened it most likely would have initiated the complete breakdown of American government and society as we know it.
  3. Veprz

    Citadel RS-S1

    Damn it!! Who forgot to send the memo that the S-12/V12 Kalshnikov based semi 12g market is dead?? Just think of how much better off they wouldve been if they got the memo in time to throw in the towel, scrap the project and cut their losses! Somebodies definitely getting fired. Now they're going to have to work double time to get a ill balanced, unecessarily heavy, pump action abomination to market; if they want to have any hope of being down with real operators who operationally operate operations and stuff. This has to be a conspiracy theory. Just in..cnn reports that they have obtained leaked e-mails that indicate that russian hackers intercepted the memo before the turks could get it. Evidently it was a co-conspiracy between Trump and Putin to undermine our democratic system of voting with our wallets; all in an attempt to forward the kalashnikov agenda and negatively impact mossbergs interests and prosperity.
  4. Thats the point, Decimate the threat in shortest amount of time and with the least amount of effort. Pistols are generally more accessible/easy to store/easier to handle due to size, within reason (factoring in caliber etc). Grandma might not be able to handle a 12g but she probably can handle a .22 pistol. A rifle would be ideal at longer ranges or vs multiple armed attackers. Shotguns traditionally have been extremely popular for home defense due to effectiveness in close quarters and availibility, the relatively new trend of braced rifle caliber pistols could inspire a shift in trend towards rifles.
  5. Veprz

    Mag conversion

    Ive not seen it done before but I would think that it wouldnt take more than just installing a bullet guide?
  6. Idk maybe people believe the myth of "S-12/V-12/clone market is dead". Doesnt make any sense considering the fact that there are many times more Kalashnikov based mag fed shotguns both on the street and for sale than ever before. Theres so many on the market and planned for release that its hard to keep up with all of them lol. They are mostly if not completely compatible with S-12/V-12 parts,mags and accessories. I guess the manufacturers of all these Kalashnikov based shotguns didnt get the memo that the "market is dead" lol. I believe the biggest factor may be that most if not all Kalashnikov based shotguns (readily availible for sale) today come with most of the features you would want out of the box. No need to convert to PG like in the past and probably less sbs conversions due to "fire arm" versions and factory folders being availible.
  7. "Blueprinting, or truing a rifle action ensures the receiver face, threads, lugs, bolt lugs and bolt face are square to the center line of the receiver." https://rifleshooter.com/2013/02/blueprinting-a-remington-700/ To make a long story short..blue printing a action is done in pursuit of ultimate accuracy, much like you would blue print a race engine to achieve the highest horsepower, efficency etc. Its not something most people would do on a backyard can plinking rifle or the engine in your work truck.
  8. Veprz

    Need Side Rail for Tromix S17 to Mount RDS

    Yeah..dont sweat it. Heres a video of Robski mounting/shooting/dismounting the rs regulate 20+ times and making consistent hits at 100 and 200yrds. Im sure it will be more than sufficent for use with slugs.
  9. Very true. Face book is impressive in how it has tricked people into voluntarily surveiling themselves. They no longer have to do detective work when you provide personal info, tag your location in photos, provide intel on who your family/close associates are etc. Sounds harmless until they decide something you like or do is a "security threat". Things like firearm ownership, political affiliation, religous beliefs etc. Not to mention it has promoted destruction of family and society. It has turned "keeping in touch" with family and friends into a impersonal process. Stop being lazy, pick up damn phone and call the people that are important you.
  10. Face book is probably the most brain dead place to post anything regarding firearms, especially in association with an account providing your real name, family members/people close to you, your contact info and location data.
  11. Veprz

    Broken carrier

    Try emailing him again on monday if you havent heard from him.
  12. Veprz

    Need Side Rail for Tromix S17 to Mount RDS

    HB of CJ, this be a good option for you. https://shop.akoperatorsunionlocal4774.com/AK-Master-Mount-AK-Master-Mount.htm "This is a side rail that is easily retrofitted to most milled or stamped AK styled receivers without the need to drill and rivet, or utilize a gunsmith. It attaches to the existing hammer and trigger holes by using the proprietary mounting pins. This is a low profile, reversible modification that allows the use of the many commercially available side rail optic mounts." Fits "all milled and stamped AKs that utilize standard hammer and trigger axis pins." Robski video review. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Nym8obCd9TE
  13. Veprz

    does anyone know why

    Nice! You would have a hard time breaking that HD piston rod.
  14. Veprz

    Need Side Rail for Tromix S17 to Mount RDS

    I think youll be fine. Im not doubting that it could possibly be out of alignment but it would be the exception not the rule. Id say the chances of having to shim the mount are extremely slim.
  15. Veprz

    Broken carrier

    Cobra has a longstanding good reputation in the Saiga 12 community. In many many years of following Saigas I have not heard of any complaints of his work or character. On another note..I have heard many times that Evl has a alternative fix for cracked carriers and I would really like to hear more about the process even if its not availible for customers. Maybe it could be utilized as a preventative measure?