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  1. That looks great! What magwell are you using? And what was involved in the installation?
  2. Veprz


    Thanks for the updates! The lynx seems to be a decent alternative to the S-12 (alternative not 1:1 clone) and is priced reasonably.
  3. Bolt held open, full mag, safety off.
  4. Veprz


    Looking forward to reports!
  5. I could imagine how hectic that could be. Your work speaks for itself and Im sure your products will be a success. Best of luck and keep us posted.
  6. Do It! You have or have access to a cnc mill? I know the S-12's/V-12's are your thing but do you do AK work? As in rifles?
  7. Vepr-12/Saiga-12 drums and doublestacks, what shouldve been..
  8. You could always use evl's trick to run S-12 mags and drums in your V-12.
  9. Thats good news! At least they are taking it in, hopefully they will get you right.
  10. All your pics with the new metal straight edge are good. I can clearly see warping/waviness around the hammer, trigger and safety. It also appears that the receiver is tapered.
  11. There is definitely a bit of warpage in that receiver. How bad that really is? Ill let the experts decide. In a perfect world you would see no gaps at all running all the way down the receiver forward to aft.
  12. Wow! That receiver in the 5th pic looks warped to hell! That gas block pin channel in your next post..SMH! I know theres not nearly as much material as on a AK barrel but dang!
  13. When you're doing what you love is it even considered work? Lol. I guess it still is when you're working on other peoples stuff. Did the bent receiver exhibit deformation in the same area as Kwesi's bolt?
  14. I got them on the phone today and spoke with a salesman. He said they will have parts availible at some point but they are not availible now. I mentioned that having carriers, bolts and magazines availible for sale would be great for them considering how many S-12's and clones are out there and utilize the same parts and mags. He agreed, not suprisingly. They could be making money selling parts to people that dont even own a KS-12, its a no brainer. Think about how much $$$ glocks making selling just magazines? With all the different carbines that take glock mags. The guy said the pa
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