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  1. That looks great! What magwell are you using? And what was involved in the installation?
  2. Veprz


    Thanks for the updates! The lynx seems to be a decent alternative to the S-12 (alternative not 1:1 clone) and is priced reasonably.
  3. Bolt held open, full mag, safety off.
  4. Veprz


    Looking forward to reports!
  5. I could imagine how hectic that could be. Your work speaks for itself and Im sure your products will be a success. Best of luck and keep us posted.
  6. Do It! You have or have access to a cnc mill? I know the S-12's/V-12's are your thing but do you do AK work? As in rifles?
  7. Vepr-12/Saiga-12 drums and doublestacks, what shouldve been..
  8. You could always use evl's trick to run S-12 mags and drums in your V-12.
  9. Thats good news! At least they are taking it in, hopefully they will get you right.
  10. All your pics with the new metal straight edge are good. I can clearly see warping/waviness around the hammer, trigger and safety. It also appears that the receiver is tapered.
  11. There is definitely a bit of warpage in that receiver. How bad that really is? Ill let the experts decide. In a perfect world you would see no gaps at all running all the way down the receiver forward to aft.
  12. Wow! That receiver in the 5th pic looks warped to hell! That gas block pin channel in your next post..SMH! I know theres not nearly as much material as on a AK barrel but dang!
  13. When you're doing what you love is it even considered work? Lol. I guess it still is when you're working on other peoples stuff. Did the bent receiver exhibit deformation in the same area as Kwesi's bolt?
  14. I got them on the phone today and spoke with a salesman. He said they will have parts availible at some point but they are not availible now. I mentioned that having carriers, bolts and magazines availible for sale would be great for them considering how many S-12's and clones are out there and utilize the same parts and mags. He agreed, not suprisingly. They could be making money selling parts to people that dont even own a KS-12, its a no brainer. Think about how much $$$ glocks making selling just magazines? With all the different carbines that take glock mags. The guy said the pa
  15. Well on a positive note, it looks like you have a clean and well organized work area.
  16. I believe evl was pointing out that there has been contact there and that is where the peening is occuring. Also I believe he's wanting to see a pic as described in his drawing to try and determine if the reciever is bent at all. So lets say if the reciever was slightly bent, causing the peening/deformation..then filing that circled portion wouldnt actually fix the problem. I would hold off until he gets a chance to see the reciever, thats just my opinion.
  17. Youve got to crawl before you walk, or if alcohol's involved you start walking but end up crawling lol. The biggest thing when doing any kind of mechanical, electric or metal work is to take your time. Speed comes with experience. You dont want to rush because thats when you make mistakes. Its always easier to remove more metal/material than it is to add metal/material back. When it comes to metal work such as fitting parts I always prefer the least aggressive method that will still be effective..I.E using a file v.s. a dremel because although its faster its also much harder to con
  18. That would be valuable data and much appreciated.
  19. Reeeeaaaaallllyyy?....very interesting! Your talking about K-USA (as in the manufacturer of the KS-12)?
  20. Damn bro, you've got the triple threat dream team on the case lol! Youre in good hands.
  21. The peening/deformation is note worthy but not extreme at this point. Whatever is causing it too deform may be the cause of your stove pipe issues also. The recoil spring could be a contributing factor in the stove pipes also. Are the gas block, plug, gas puc and actual ports clean and allowing the proper amount of gas to the action?
  22. If its not causing any problems you could probably just leave the peened/displaced material. If you currently have or start to have issues with the shells rim not being properly held by the extractor (as described by Tony), then you would need to lightly file the peened/displaced material flush with the face of the bolt. You can test this with the bolt out of the gun and a fired shell. Besides that if its not causing a function issue, its really would come down to how much it bothers you looking at it. If you do decide to file away the peened/displaced material, you want to take it s
  23. Youre killing me with this talk of carrier repair that can take extreme abuse!! Lol. When are you going to offer this service as a repair/or preventitive measure?? If you decide to never offer it as a service, please share a description of the procedure as Im sure alot of people would be very interested.
  24. I just stopped by my buddies house to take a look at his S-12, his has a mark in the same spot on the bolt head thats much less pronounced (round count around 200-250 rnds). When I took the top cover and recoil spring out and slowly hand cycled the action, I observed that that part of the bolt head is inline with the upper left (looking towards bore)tang (for lack of a better word) of the trunnion. It didnt appear to make any significant contact while slowly cycling. But if I put slight lateral pressure on the bolt (from the side) it would contact the trunnions tang on the way in. I believe th
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