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  1. GF, Appreciate the thorough and thoughtful response. I'll look for some Federal buckshot and I really appreciate the referral to additional ammo suppliers. I have now found that Remington 3" 000 buckshot is a reliable defense shell in my Saiga. Both from the SureFire mags and the ProMag drum. I understand differences in crimped length (I only wish SureFire Mags did) but this batch of B&P was defective for sure. Aside from my Saiga, the shells wouldn't easily slide in/extract from either of my single shot .410s, and would only insert 2/3 of the way in the cylinder of my gunsmith
  2. I apologize in advance for the lengthy post. I'm a Saiga newbie and trying really hard to not become frustrated on the ammo front. I'm looking for current advice on 3" ammo for my lightly used Saiga .410. For my rig, I have: Two 15-rd 3" SureFire Gun magazines One 30-rd ProMag 3" Drum that works well One 4-rd 3" factory magazine I had a heavy handful of 3" Remington and Winchester game loads and I burned through them verifying the weapon and all the mags worked properly. Everything worked well, with the gas setting on 1. So lately I've been searching for .410 shells from onlin
  3. Thanks G O B. Any chance you've got a pic of "extended barrel extension fingers"? I can't say I know what I'd be looking for to deduce if mine has them or not. Of course, the fact that the shells aren't loading virtually guarantees mine doesn't have them. But yes, I have a gas selector. Can the extension fingers be added?
  4. Does anybody still stand by the claim that 2 1/2" shells work in a 30-rd ProMag drum made for 3" shells? I just tried to cycle ten 2-1/2" shells through my drum and not a single one of them loaded properly. The feed ramp just doesn't align them correctly; they all impact the edge of the bore and hang up the bolt. So disappointing.
  5. Yeah, we must have different models. There's no loading lever. I wish it were that simple. I contacted ProMag and apparently I'm missing a separate, black, plastic, loader device. They were quick to offer to ship me one free of charge. I do hope it makes it easier. That's what I get for purchasing second hand off of gun broker. Despite the A+ rated seller, tiny parts, no matter how vital, do have a tendency to escape one's mind. Thanks again for the guidance GunFun. I'll be keeping my eyes out the model you're referring to.
  6. GunFun, Thanks so much for the reply. Sorry for the delayed response, I never got a notification that someone had weighed in and I just now logged back in to check. I appreciate the humor. Thankfully, no one else piled on. No, I don't think it's a strength issue; I have a pretty stringent weightlifting regimen. It has to do with downward pressure and the shells getting hung up on the brass edge of the previously inserted shell. Color me clueless, but if there's a "slider" on this drum, I sure don't see it. Care to elaborate? It's a ProMag 30 round, .410 bore drum. I appreciate you
  7. Hi all, Total newbie here. Anyone have suggestions for a magazine loader for my .410 mags and drum? I tried loading my new Saiga .410 15-rd magazines and 30-rd drum by hand and it didn't go particularly well. Got the mags loaded to 12 and had to quit. Drum only took 10 before it wouldn't load anymore, at least not easily. Any direction or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Search didn't yield any particularly relevant threads so I'm starting new. Sorry if it's been covered. Would appreciate any links if I'm oblivious. Thanks.
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