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  1. yea never tried remington but I dont see why they wouldent work with just about any 3inch. they are solid mags! and easy to load... I mean two 15 round mags shipped for 100 bucks, imo is worth it, especially what we will be facing here in another month or two. Carolina shooters took care of me with fast azz shipping and good deal! I reccomend them highly... now for a new aftermarket handguard...
  2. mine worked great with what it says to use... comes with a lil sticker attached to the mag sayin only use with federal high brass, silver bear metal, winxhester super x, and wolf...
  3. HELL YEA! FINALLY... Recieved my two 15 rounders monday and all I gotta say is the only thing better is a 410 drum! But until then these 15 rounders will keep me spendin.
  4. Here is a pic of my 410. Dident have any by itself at the moment. Still want to get a scope mount on it and maybe a different HG. I love these Saiga's!
  5. Just looking for a standard Saiga HG or anything that works for the 410... Thanks
  6. konabo

    scope mount?

    What would you suggest bro? Thanks for your input, take care...
  7. konabo

    scope mount?

    Will one of these work on my 410 ? ak47 tatical reciever cover Thanks JK
  8. Hello, its been awhile since I been on here but finally came down from the boonies and have a computer now. I seen something about a member who does great work with the stock handgaurds and also paints the guns and so forth. Anyone know what member or what topic its under? Thanks J
  9. konabo


    cool thanks bro...
  10. konabo


    Probably asked million times... Does the Saiga HG from Tapco fit the 410? What are my options for a after market HG?
  11. Bought a pistol grip folder from him and its here just as he said. Thanks Big Poppa...
  12. cool thanks man... So the 2 2/4" will work like 3 inch? I am a little confused on that. thanks
  13. lol... I guess not? Let me know if someone finds something, I cant find poop.
  14. dude I fricken love it! Good looken gun bro...
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