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  1. Weird, all the indoor ranges I've been to are slugs-only. As we were discussing I some of the other threads, a certain amount of power is required, but even that wont help if the hull isn't heavy enough. Thick plastic + high brass is the recipe. I'm thinking about getting into ammo loading so I can use brass hulls.
  2. Finally got a chance to try these out. The magazines function flawlessly. As for Remington shells, the Express Long Range worked almost perfectly, with one stovepipe out of 50 shots. The Remington Game Loads stovepipe every time, just like any Federal 2-3/4" shell. So, I think there is something to csspecs' theory about hull weight, but it isn't the only factor, as both types of Remington shells appear to have the same amount of plastic. My gun has not had any additional drilling done to the barrel, just a polished bolt. Anyway, I'm pretty exited to have these magazines and shel
  3. Got mine today too, but I have to wait for the weekend to try them. I think I'll sharpen the edge so I have a tactical boomerang when I run out of ammo!
  4. LOL its only been like 3 hours and the 12 rounders are almost sold out. Thank you csspecs, can't wait to try them out with some Remington shells.
  5. derbrererd


    Next time you guys give them advice, tell them we want a 10 gauge version
  6. Thanks for the advice! That makes a lot of sense, since the shells that aren't ejecting have been scraped loose of the claw.
  7. Its probably not a good idea to take it apart at all. The version I have has a little plastic thing punched halfway through the screw threading and if it gets out of place it gets mangled when you screw it back together and its a bitch to fix.
  8. Cool, I'll definately get a few in case I ever find a gunsmith I trust to drill out my gas ports to use 2-3/4" shells. If I was smart, I'd buy them all and sell them on eBay for 4x as much.
  9. Thanks for alerting me to this issue. I really hope thats not whats going on. The spring in my bullpup stock was out of place, so hopefully that fixes it. The hammer-catcher doesnt look scratched or misshapen. I'll know next time I can get to the range.
  10. Thanks, the autoplug has plenty of turn left to increase power. What baffles me is that the hammer should be pushed all the way down by the time the bolt gets anywhere near the ejector, and as I said, it ejects perfectly every time. I forgot to mention its in a bullpup stock, I'm beginning to suspect the problem is in the bullpup trigger.
  11. So I'm having a problem where the hammer occasionally fails to reset after a shot. It was happening about 1/4 times, until I increased the gas power by turning the autoplug a half turn clockwise, now it happens about 1/10 times. When this happens, I can reset the hammer by just pulling the charging handle an inch or so. The strange thing is that it ejects the shells just fine, and I cannot reproduce the error by hand-cycling snap caps, a slow pull of the carrier resets the hammer every time. Any ideas what's going on?
  12. Everyone is waiting for csspecs to finish making some. You can check the website at: https://stores.csspecs.com/saiga-20-gauge/ There's also some 8 round 3" mags on gunbroker, but its highway robbery. Sometimes you can find a transparent 13 rounder there.
  13. Is there anything I can do to improve trigger performance while leaving the trigger in the same place? I'm using a Kushnapup bullpup stock and I realize the trigger pull is going to suck no matter what, but any improvement would be nice.
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