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  1. I was a junior in high school sitting in 2nd period, Mr. Samples History Class. We had a TV in every room so when the news hit of the first plane the whole school witnessed the second plane. It was sureal to watch in real time. The unity of America was incredible the first couple years after. If you never lived through the Sept 11th tragedy...you probably only know the US as a divided place. We were once all Americans in a Patriotic sense. I was also in Army JROTC and that day caused many of us to seek a military career in one form or another which may have not happened otherwise. It fueled me to continue on to ROTC at my University. I remember one of the Seniors when i was a sophomore was heading to Afghanistan. He was in the first boots on the ground. He made it through his time. We lost 4 KIA’d in Iraq of my little town of 2,000 people. Mostly MP’s over the course of OIF I - OIF VII or 2003-2011. We have about 6 townships, boro, or municipality that made up the school district. So i know there were more than just my town. There was an outpouring to join the military. These are the things I remember that stems from Sept 11th.