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  1. I don't have any photos of the casings or stovepipe. It's gouged right at the neck. Typical stovepipe, case not ejected and next round jammed under it. I can take a few pics of the bolt later. Is there any "breakin" period to be expected? I only ran 40 rounds through. I got annoyed and switched to the x39.
  2. I'm having a problem with a converted .308. I've experienced the same issue with 5 different ammo types and several of the original 8 round mags and with SGM mags. The rifle is failing to eject (stovepiping) every 3-4 rounds. The bolt seems to be gouging the top round in the mag. All Dinzag parts were used for the conversion. I did fire the rifle before converting and did not experience any failures. Can anyone tell me what I might have screwed up? Or recommend someone to send it to that might get it running. I've taken it to 2 local gunsmiths and neither could/would help.
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