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  1. > Bvamp: that point of the ejector IS slanted on mine I also have my ejector slanted at point 2. It seems like the shell catches just below the slant starts. I would need to make the slant a little steeper to make sure that it doesn't catch at point 2 anymore.
  2. > If the shell is ejecting either way, what exactly is the problem? > how much of the ejector at point 2 is catching the shell SaltPeter and Bvamp, Ejector just slightly catches the shell at point 2. Maybe it is .5mm, or 1mm. Sometimes it does catch, and then lets it go further to point 1. However, even if it doesn't eject at 2, I suspect that it slows down the bolt, and then it might have not enough energy to eject at point 1. I am struggling with jams. From what I see, jam is a result of failure to eject properly. My jams look like the following: An empty shell stands vertically (looks like it is almost ejected), and smashed by the bolt agains the front of the receiver. I suspect that the problem is either early ejection attempt at point 2, or the fact that ejection didn't happen, but the bolt got slowed down at point 2, and didn't have enough energy to eject at point 1. It seems like it will take just few passes of the file to remove that .5mm at point 2, but before I do any alterations to the gun I want to make sure that point 2 should never engage the shell. If I file that corner (point 2) off, there is no way I can put it back. Please let me know what your thoughts are. Thank you. Yan.
  3. My Saiga-12 is jamming and I noticed that when the gun cycles, and bolt/extractor is dragging the empty shell to the back, shell sometimes engages ejector and gets ejected at point 2 (see the picture below), but more often it passes above 2, and ejects upon engaging ejector at point 1. I noticed that the ejector's edge at point 2 is just a tiny fraction higher than a would-be path of the cycling shell moving to the back. Most of the times shell passes above this point and engages ejector at point 1, but sometimes it gets caught and ejected at point 2. Question: 1. Should the shell engage point 2 at all, or should it always pass above, and get ejected at point 1? 2. Should I file ejector's corner at point 2 a little down to make sure that shell never engages at this point and always passes above it to point 1 and gets ejected there? Please see the picture at: http://www.geocities.com/bfgyan/saiga_question.html Thank you.
  4. if you live in North Jersey, Cherry Ridge range is a nice place. contact me if you need info. www.anjrpc.org
  5. ymg200


    nice car. i didn't realize it's yours. i live in nyc/nj - extremely antigun and criminal area. i know some people from fl; you guys have much better gun laws than nyc/nj.
  6. I'd say it would be a crime to ruine a P90, but otherwise Saiga-12 bullpup would be an interesting project. To my oppinion AK bullpups are ugly, but I would make one just out of curiosity.
  7. ymg200


    SaltPeter, I'm just curious what state are you in? I actually have a friend who is thinking of LEO career mainly for gunownership issues.
  8. ymg200

    gas system

    I don't have blueprints, but I'd help you with specific measurments if you need that.
  9. NJ State police assault weapons definition: http://www.state.nj.us/lps/njsp/about/fire_ag2.html A semi-automatic shotgun that has at least two of the following: 1. A folding or telescoping stock 2. A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon 3. A fixed magazine capacity in excess of 5 rounds 4. An ability to accept a detachable magazine Saiga does NOT qualify for assult weapon. Happy shooting in NJ. Piss off liberals.
  10. violentliver, you've got email.
  11. I happened to live in NJ, and to my best knowledge there is no restriction on Saiga-12 here. There is nothing I can think of that could make Saiga-12 illigal. What were you told about NJ restrictions on Saiga?
  12. Makc, The pic is awsome! I really like this ammo. However, wildmann43 says this ammo will "mess up a semi". Are you sure that flame thrower ammo is safe for Saiga? Thanks.
  13. ZakherBakher, Thanks for the guidelines. I'm sure I have Siaga manual somewhere in my apartment, but I have been unsuccessful so far locating it I am looking into modifying gas system in order to make Saiga single-shot. This way I can legaly put a pistol grip on it.
  14. Is it easy to disassemble gas system? Do I need any special tools for that? Thanks. Yan.
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