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  1. Swandriver

    Original 1 Gen Saiga 410 recoil spring

    IndyArms - no one "told" me anything about dust covers or not....I asked the question here because many images on the net show with both setups. However - they "All" did not come with the "dust cover" (not speaking of reciever cover). I searched Russian pages and found the original 93/94 shotguns were/are configured just as the one I bought. saltydecimator - ????? If you cannot break down your weapon to the smallest part, reassemble, and know all about it - then you are only engaging in "Ya standard fuddery"....
  2. Swandriver

    Original 1 Gen Saiga 410 recoil spring

    Izhmash Saiga 410 Reciever R2.pdf I have a 410 Receiver cover and the recoil spring works as advertised. My question is if this is the original Saiga 410 configuration.
  3. Swandriver

    Original 1 Gen Saiga 410 recoil spring

    This is the recoil spring - no dust cover, as said, exactly as my AK74M
  4. I understand the original 1Gen Saiga 410 did not have a dust cover or BHO, but I cannot find information about the recoil spring. My shotgun has the exact recoil spring as an AK 47 and AK 74. I ask because all the manuals I have (.pdfs) show a different - 2 springs with rod and dust cover. It shoots fine - just curious Thanks -