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  1. Back at range last weekend, shot slugs at 100 yards, target printed on 8 1/2"X11" paper. 25 yard pattern on 17" wide butcher paper was 1 Round 2 3/4" 00 Federal, 1 round 2 3/4" Win #4 buck Both out of Lynx12 w SGM Mod Choke. Shot 50 rounds of Aguila 2 3/4" 7 1/2 target loads, 1250FPS....really nice shells, and high brass to boot. $5.99 box (25 rounds) at Academy. Quality far better than the Win Super X I bought for Dove. Gun is getting smoother and smoother!
  2. Been having fun @ range w Lynx. Got all loads cycling. Some low brass SuperX 7 1/2 fail to load all the way (fall short by 1/2"). Fixed a ProMag compact15 drum. Out of box it had two full revs on spring, so fully loaded was at three revolutions, this was stopping the feed cycle halfway when the next round below pushed up on round being fed. Set it to one revolution empty....works fine now. Got new Bushnell Engulf 5 moa red dot on top of UTG mount (needed .041x1/4" K&S brass strip as shim to correct slight cant, now bead is centered in V groove). Pic of 50 yard target (b
  3. Good info, I enjoy concepts in hi-po engines like flame propagation etc. surface area thing makes sense. That's good stuff. In another post I read where a member suggested welding up the second largest opening of the gas adjuster on a DPH style adjuster (which my SDS looks exactly like) because " it doesn't cover any more of the holes than the next size" and therefore doesn't reduce the gas pressure at all. This is errant thinking. The angle of cut and larger size opening above the gas ports creates a Nozzle in the block, producing thrust on the puck by the expanding gas. In the
  4. That's what I ASSumed to be correct. But there's misinformation out there (2 vids) and alternate definitions of "front" of a gun. It is science actually, developed by people called engineers, they design things to "specs." You can half ass it and go by guess work, I'll measure and record so I then know what worked and why. CS puck likely end up in trash.
  5. So Carolina ( thanks Carolina!) put it in terms I understand: Puck nipple (raised end) points the direction you are aiming (or faces the gas adjuster cap). That leaves the flat face with "CSS USA" to interface with the action/Rod. I've seen two videos where the CSS puck is installed wrong, the opposite of their instruction. Ive heard the "front" of the gun identified as both the shooter/operators end as well as the muzzle end now on the net. Which is truly correct?? This is why I asked for install instruction in terms of barrel end/muzzle vs buttstock or operator end.
  6. Polarization of society through controlled media outlet brainwash; keep listening to the outlet you agree with (never challenge yourself to other ideas).......exceedingly polarized. Polarization breeds extremes; then bad seeds within either extreme can act out. The political climate is bad. "Diversity" focuses on differences, applies labels, forces you to accept the "other" through laws......again, more effective division created in an attempt to force unity. Divide us, pit us against each other, then enforce peace. Quite a system that's developed/evolved. Requires more and more
  7. So far on my Lynx 12, factory mag had most side to side wobble, CSS Specs much less but still a little; MD arms 20 drum 0 side play, super tight going in, and a Magpul 15 drum very minimal side wobble. None of my aftermarket mags needed file fitting, CSS specs was the tightest fit locking in. Bought 2 Lynx at same time, serial #s separated by about 300 units; both same fitment of same mags, bout same side play, and no file fitting required. Factory mag cycled everything fine, 2-3/4", 3", buck, bird, slugs with the most wobble. Only other mag I've tried yet is promag 15 drum; ejects
  8. New Owner of Lynx12, love the Saiga style gun. Fun to shoot!!! Cycles everything so far, have had fun varminting at night! I purchased a Carolina Shooters Gas Puck. Should the flat face with "CSS USA" or the face with the raised center be interfacing the Rod/Action? Their website says one end should face "forward" but I'm not sure which end of the gun is "forward" per se. Also, I purchased 2 Lynx 12s (one as gift). Got great deal at Brownells. I purchased 2 Carolina pucks. One puck measured slightly smaller in diameter than the other, and definitely moves around easier in th
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