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  1. oh i have a izhmash saiga 12 i bought back in 2009. MD20 drum look to expensive but thanx anyway! ill just stick with my stock puck.. i bought that puck with the grooves so long ago and can't find any info on it..if it works well or really what's it supposed to do! LOL i kept 00 buck shot in the magazine overnight and not only did the top shell deform but others as well.. even though they still seemed to chamber ok. but I guess i will stick with slugs, since they didnt seem to deform Thanks again for the info!
  2. ok, thanks.. just got back from being deployed overseas for 8 years and finally get to try out this saiga i bought so long ago. i can't believe there are so many new semi auto shotguns on the market! there use to be a time where Saiga was the only magazine fed shotgun.. there is a rock island vr60 for only $400 bucks in AR platform that looks interesting.. I guess Saiga is no longer rules this market
  3. Hi! and thanking in advance to anyone who can assist me. I have a lot of questions.. here we go! :) 1) I have an aftermarket gas puck (pic attached) Which way would it be installed? the flat slide towards the piston or the side with the grooves? and is this a good puck or should just stick with original? 2) Setting 2 on gas plus is for low brass, correct? If i were to shoot on setting 2 with high brass, what would happen? just more recoil with greater reliability of cycling? or should i not do this at all? 3) Any drums that you would recommend? 4) what parts should I oil and wha
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