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  1. I'm planing on putting adjustable gas block with integrated front sight. Only two reasons for that it's cheaper then KNS adjustable piston and I have a set of Meprolight night sights which I plan to put on the rifle. I'm very satisfed with the set on my 16" full size AK, so in the future build I'll get the same for SBR, period correct and propper Russian AK-104 in 7.62x39.
  2. I still stick with tried and proven Russian ZenitCo parts. Guaranteed perfect fit on every Saiga rifle, low profile, quality stuff. Adds just a few oz to the rifle and you get almost as AR rifle handling and customization options...
  3. Yes it should, it should put some lead down range 😉
  4. Franken or not...it's still a valiable option. So it's on the owner what he wants to do with it. I guess it's better for him like this because he doesn't need to do coversion which is somewhat pain in the ass to do on your own if you don't have at least basic knowledge with tools and firearms.
  5. Check out the ZenitCo for aftermarket... Your quad rail looks to me like CAA... or some copy of CAA edit: https://caagearup.com/product/rs47-set-ak47-hand-guard/
  6. ZenitCo B-10U lower and B-19N upper handguard in desert tan Magpul RVG in FDE Magpul MOE AK SL pistol grip in FDE Armacon QD adapter plate copy of Specter Gear Recon 2 point sling made by Ginger Tactical in genuine Multicam fabric with added Armacon QD sling swivel.
  7. Added Magpul MOE AK SL pistol grip in FDE, Armacon QD swivel adapter plate, sling is made by Ginger Tactical and is copy of Specter Gear Recon 2 point sling for H&K G3/ PTR 91 rifle with added Armacon QD sling swivel.
  8. Current 2020. production Saiga MK 103 / M3EXP-01 for European market. Semiauto only, fires with stock folded, factory screw in type bullet guide and mag catch to except standard AK mags and Saiga mags also. Chrome lined bore and chamber, barrel, gas block and muzzle brake. Only difference from original AK 103 except semiauto fire is sporter type rear sight with 300 meter aperture.
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