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  1. Thanks for the reply,,,,,,,,,,13 made in russia. RWC tullytown. need to figure out the pic thing eh ?
  2. never mind. tried to post pics but it says max 2 mg. and that is from trying to post just one pic. I dont know how to make them work. thanks...
  3. Hey,Hi..been looking around the site LOTS of info here.Just did some trading and came up with a taurus ct9 and a saiga ak47. this is my first ak and it has mods. some of it has markings some not. So I thought I would ask for help.And to see if I am compliant.... trigger says tapco g2, stock is command arms, cheek rest acp, pistol grip rwc. the bullet guide appears to be welded in. I do not see any brand name on the other stuff. also the button to hold the slide open will not do so,if that has any significance.Anything else you see? Thanks !
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