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  1. !!!!! YOU CAN NOT LOAD 7.62x54R INTO AN AR10 MAG!!!!! .308 or 7.62X51 is a lot smaller than the 7.62X54R and I do not see how this guy loaded a 54R into his AR. I do hope is still alive and no injuries of any kind on his face. Please see pictures of a AR10 Mag with a 54R Bullet on top and the rounds standing are at the left and right different 54R and in the middle a .308 ammo.
  2. Hello guys. Actually I own AR15, AR10, and of course my Russian Nagant 7.62X54R. I love this rifle and ammo, one thing that it calls me the attention is that most of you guys are saying is in regard to " Corrosive Ammo " let me clarify this that there's a Non-Corrosive Ammo in the market too. I do have in stock about 900 rounds and about 400 rounds of them are from about 20 years ago and they still damn good to be fired. I had the same idea to produce an AR to fire this ammo and even I called AR54. AR54 it's easy to build and will be priced same as the AR10 due to the f
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