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  1. can't get the paypal to go through. can you send me a invoice thru paypal ? harrytuman@hotmail.com sorry I'll get it out tonight.
  2. Hi PC,

    Nothing from PP yet. Just to confirm, my PP address is tjhx1@hotmail.com


  3. payment sent for my 2 items. I put my shipping address with the payment message. thanks
  4. I'll take a receiver block and the opened folding mech. will do paypal tonight. thanks
  5. I have a NIB saiga 20 and a stainless colt officers I am selling. Maybe we can work a trade
  6. is becoming a contributor the same as making a donoation ? if so how much is it? thanks for your help.
  7. I would like to post some saiga related items. I need to know how to get started. Thanks for taking the time to help me.
  8. just received an interesting email from RomyG. It said he was TOLD TO BY INDYARMS TO ASK ME WHO THE FAT CHICK IN HIS AVATAR WAS. I have no idea who she is, don't really care who she is. Just trying to open his eyes on the s20 mag issue. I hope INDYARMS ain't taking this personal. If i hurt his feelings I am sorry. Let's not make a big deal out of this. Anyway as i said before thanks for a great web site. And if it makes you feel any better i look like my avatar. My guess to who the girl with fat legs and cantalopes for breasts would be the bounty hunters wife.
  9. paychex


    a pm was sent to me and i think it is spam or who knows what. title is please help. did anyone else get this?
  10. paychex

    empty shells

    watching the saiga video made me think off all the empty shells i dozed over. years from now people will dig up there and think they was at an old shooting range. and little will they know it was me just breaking in some new guns. thanks again for the great site.
  11. i bet you made the indian cry with all that littering. GREAT VIDEO made me want to go shooting. thanks
  12. oops, I meant to say "working on a drum for the s20" and post is too old to edit. paychex, care to clue us in on what you are talking about? I don't get it, did you have a post deleted or something? there was the same type of thread started about a month back. i think mike started it on making a drum for the s20. anyway we all said we would buy one. i would buy 3 or 4 if i could. well this guy got upset and did his thing with the giant letters. i just thought if mike was testing the water about making the mag we should cheer him on and say make them and we will buy them. i just can't understand why this guy gets so upset on the topic. this is the s20 forum. thanks and as i said before make them and we will place our orders. thanks for the great web site. LAST POST ON THIS TOPIC WAS NOV. 25 2008
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