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  1. I received my ZenitCo PT-3 awhile back. I should of updated about it but I can’t install it on my gun until I get all my conversion parts. So, everything has been stored and been on standstill with this build. It is a very nice and high quality stock though. It feels lightweight compared to the looks of it and how solid it is. I’ll definitely not have to worry about dropping it, beating the gun around, or using the stock to hit a person with. There is one aspect that I don’t like about it and is a design flaw but it affects the function of the stock very minimal and does not affect ergo’s at a
  2. SaE


    Thanks for the info. I wanted to update this thread and anybody who is interested, I was contacted back by rusgunmaster. He said he’d send me a tracking number soon but needed a few days. Today I received a tracking number from rusgunmaster. He warned me that during this pandemic, unfortunately there are interruptions in air traffic and the operation of mail services, a delay may happen but I don’t need to worry. He will always be in touch with me. I’m now pleased with all this and it’s been good business so far. I will update on if I received my parts and if everything is there that I ordered
  3. SaE


    Anybody have any experience ordering parts from rusgunmaster? We were talking via email and I paid him thorough WesternUnion. I was notified that he has picked up my money transfer but has not contacted me back. I sent 2 emails with no response so far. One about paying him, if he could let me know if he received the money and is he going to ship my parts with a tracking number. Then another just saying, “Are you going to send me my parts?”.
  4. USA. I need to adjust my notifications. Not getting notified of reply’s. I ended up ordering a military kit. Just have to wait a month, hopefully, for it to come in.
  5. Do you have a military AK100 kit I could buy? Only thing really holding me up from my conversion. Edit to clarify: I’m looking for a military AK100 series rear folding trunnion only. Since it seems no one has modded a civilian version, it’s not looking like a good idea to try and I want the shotty to fire folded.
  6. Yeah I think you’re right. Looks like there is a lock built in by a separate piece you put on and pick if you have a 4.5mm or 5.5mm for which piece you need. So the stock doesn’t use the front latch. I was wondering how this would work with the stock being adjustable in size, if I had to adjust it to a certain size every time for the stock to lock folded or what. I’m still installing a front latch on my SG12 even though this stock might not use it because I would like original style stocks to lock folded and my gun be properly converted. Also I don’t know if I’m going to use this Zen
  7. Good to hear. My ZenitCo PT-3 buttstock cleared customs. Can’t wait to see it in person. @PeterGriffin @evlblkwpnz or anyone know if the ZenitCo PT-3 will lock folded on a SAIGA 12? I just assumed so and didn’t even think about making sure or checking into this.
  8. I appreciate the help. I’m planning on taking my time and measuring everything carefully with calipers, to do as precise job as I can. Really looking into it all, I think I can do a decent job. The only thing I’m concerned with is the front latch but I think once I actually have the parts in hand and can look at it in person, it’ll alleviate those concerns.
  9. Good to hear that you can’t go wrong with anything ZenitCo and about Ivan’s excellent reputation. Going to help with this wait.
  10. Our Saiga’s deserve to be converted. Let’s do them this justice. Do you have any ideas what you want to do?
  11. Yes, I did get it through Ivan The Bear. They answered any questions I had right away through email. Also ordering through their website and the process went smoothly. They already gave me a tracking number, which was fast. That’s why I’m assuming I couldn’t add the extended cheek riser now but I’m not complaining with the fast service/handling that’s for sure. I’ll update with how the shipping goes. Sure thing, I will update with a pic. I’m still searching the market and parts gathering but I bought a ZenitCo PT-1 lock for a fixed stock trunnion. I’m almost certain I can mod it to w
  12. Well I have took advantage of Memorial Day sales going on and pulled the trigger on which stock I’m going with. I ordered a ZenitCo PT-3. I really wanted an original SVDS stock but they are very hard to find and after a lot of hours, finding a couple, led to them being high prices. While also I been researching and finding myself looking up the PT-3 stock a lot, between all of this. They are pricey too though... Then, all of a sudden this good price jumps out at me for the PT-3 while I was searching for parts and research. I scrambled and ordered it. I’m pumped for it to come in. I think
  13. Thanks for the info. I’m going to go through and contact them to start gathering parts. Must be good people, I been lurking heavily since I joined and saw a few of those names already. Price is always a factor but I’ve had this gun for a long time now, definitely know I like the gun and haven’t done anything to it but always wanted to... so I’d like to spend the money on a quality conversion.
  14. Does anyone know if an AK-100 series folding trunnion, that is the civilian version, can be modded to work like the military version? From what I can see off of pictures the only thing that is different is a rear cross member/bar and a slot/groove cut out from the opposite side of the button. I can’t see the slot/groove making any difference looking at it by a photo but if it does I could easily fill that in. Looks like the cross member/bar is the only thing causing the gun not to fire when the stock is folded. Any knowledge on this would be appreciated.
  15. Hi guys. New to the forum. I love my SAIGA 12 and had it long enough to start changing parts or modifying it. I can empty a 20 round drum as fast as my finger can pull with the lowest quality shells I can find. I hunt, shoot skeet and want to try 3 gun with it. The first thing I want to do is get rid of this plastic stock though. I would like to change out my plastic stock with a quality folding stock. I’m more interested in finding the parts to change my solid trunnion into a folding block/trunnion mechanism first. I do not want an add on or work around, I want a Russian made folding mechanis
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