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  1. Watching the deer in the yard - lots of fawns just out of spots.

    1. Dad2142Dad


      Nice a living pantry!

    2. G O B

      G O B

      A couple of them are so bold they come to the front door to beg!

    3. Dad2142Dad


      Awesome delivery!

  2. Putting a new front axle in the Wife's Grand Cherokee,planning to go look for property in TN.

    1. Cobra 76 two

      Cobra 76 two

      Good luck man! Hope it all goes smooth. Let Sandi or me know if you need any other Grand Cherokee parts. We are parting out hers right now.

    2. bigbadj


      Anywhere east of Nashville is good to go.

    3. Paulyski


      I can't stand the smell of gear oil...


      Absolute worse part of rebuilding& swapping difs IMO.

  3. PT on a new knee HURTS LIKE HELL!

    1. Paulyski


      Bear through it...

      You'll be skippin' like a school girl in no time!

    2. VaiFanatic90


      My knees are getting bad, and I'm still very young. So I'll be looking at knee replacements soon. Not a good thing for my athletic lifestyle =/

  4. Putting in retirement papers tomorrow!

    1. NM0


      Good for you!

    2. NM0


      Good for you!

  5. Back to work since monday on the new knee. Been busy!

    1. kdbutler


      Yeah!!! Kick ass! You da man.

  6. Heading for a funeral. Worst part of being an old fart is buring friends. RIP Bear.

    1. YARP


      Prayers out to you and your friends family.

  7. Worked 8 OT today - damn I am ready for retirement!

  8. Back to work monday, on the new knee! Hello PAYCHECKS!

  9. Jingle bells,shotgun shells..... HO HO HO!

  10. Get to go back to work on the 18th! ( weeks on a new knee and back to the salt mines - thank God for modern medicine and good insurance!!

  11. Moving to TN myself. Gottta do this year. How is your escape coming along?

  12. Range orentation / Ro course today! Can start shooting next weekend. Been too damned long!

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