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  1. He's on and off the board with varying frequency depending on how busy he is. If you need to contact him quickly, Email is usually best. DocV
  2. Hey BRG, Getting closer to home. Was that full length one a few posts back our project??? DocV
  3. 15 days and a wake up and I'll be home to Momma and the kids! It's been an interesting year. No more pirates. No more pesky Iranian speedboats. No more seeing the wrong end of AK's... DocV
  4. I transferred in May from Mayport to Norfolk. The Roberts incident was familiar to everyone on the waterfront. I believe the skipper was relieved of duty. DocV
  5. Bringing peace and democracy to the world...[][] Here's a couple pics and short mpegs: Button up Ballast Down Splash! www.m715zone.com/jonmisc/fun/MOV00581.MPG www.m715zone.com/jonmisc/fun/MOV00577.MPG This is what I do when I'm not messing around with a camera..[] Somewhere off the coast of Kartuna (mythical country) we are rescuing the US Ambassador and AmCits (American Citizens) from rebel forces. Mass Casualty exercise with wounded coming from the beach via helo (CH-43s) The cool, studly guy in the shades and w
  6. Ahem! Getting back on topic. I did a net search of all the Montana newspapers I could find that had websites and archives. Not a single mention of the young lady or the gentleman who was murdered. DocV
  7. Don't forget that in some states you or your heirs, if you pass the land on to them, will be responsible for enviromental clean-up of the lead if the property is sold. That is, of course, if anybody knows there was a "shooting range" there. DocV
  8. Maybe more people in my age bracket would vote then... Sanjaya for President!
  9. This tacking on crap, amendments, riders, etc. to Bills really ticks me off, especially when it has absolutely nothing to do with the Bill. If there was one thig I could change that would be it. DocV
  10. Only if you want the Presidential election run like American Idol. Some decisions are too important to be left to the masses. DocV
  11. Around these parts, what with price and availability, the most accurate load is whatever you can lay your hands on! Even re-loading stuff is going up, up, up in price. DocV
  12. Hiya Doc! Does this count? http://www.newsnet14.com/?p=4278#more-4278 Hey 1911! (One of my favorite dates) Nope, doesn't count. It's a repeat of the same article. I would find it more believable if there was some mention in a Montana newspaper or TV station of either Patricia's story or the murder of Mr. Burien. Like I said, My mind wants to believe it, but my gut... DocV
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