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  1. Hey thanks for the tip. I did not think about that.
  2. Hi- Before I bought some new snap cap or other training shells I was looking to see if anyone had some they had sitting around that they would like to sell. Thanks!
  3. Wow that has been sitting around. I am truely surprised no one has responded. Would you be interested in a straight trade? http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=45282 John
  4. I did not have it swapped out. I don't think SAI sapped them before moving the to CDNN. I ave had no problems with any FTE. It was throwing them against the wall of the lane at a normal velocity. Mine is a 2005 by the serial number. I think the laterones did not have the issues. From the Steyr Club forum I know there were issues but SAI sent a replacement o questions asked. I tried to get a stove pipe after a rapid 15 + 1 and no dice with just blazer brass!
  5. Open to trades now of equal value give or take a nickle or too. Saiga 7.62, Used Ruger Mini 14 Ranch rifle or of the sort. Whatever just send a P.M.. Looking for a good shtf gun.
  6. Hi- Steyr Pistol Package $420.00 I have had the Steyr pistol for 8 months in the safe. Sole owner. Purchased from CDNN. It has less than 100 rounds through the pipe. (Just Blazer Brass with no FTF or FTE!) Package includes 4 factory 15 round mags and an upgraded alloy guide rod. Basically a safe queen. Price reflects pistol ($370) and two brand new extra mags(50.00) I am including the alloy guide (40.00) at basically no charge to sweeten the deal. I still have the factory guide rod,Steyr case, and all manuals. Shipping will be at buyers expense and shipped to his/her FFL. I would request a copy on FFL license prior to shipping. USPS M.O. or Paypal +3.5% Not interested in trades. P;ease PM me or contact me diredtly at luv2kayak@gmail.com with any questions. Anyone that knows about Steyr would know this is a sweet pistol and a fair deal. I will post pictures in the morning! Thanks! John
  7. Never fired the gun so the grips have not been used. Gives the gun a more beefy grip. 40.00 shipped. Money order or 3.5% paypal.
  8. 6 brand new master molder mag, Olive drab Ace Case. Never used. 2 surplus metal AK mags. I believe east German. (Rib on the back) 80.00 shipped with delivery confirmation. USPS M.O. or Paypal + 3.5% Steel mags need bullet guide. I believe master molder do not need bullet guide. Thanks for looking! SOLD PENDING FUNDS
  9. So I am taking a wild guess that this is considered a SBR is the barrel is less than 16 inches?
  10. I thank you with your guys advice I am going to keep the saiga and my hiking clothes. I have someone looking to sell a good russian optic that would enhance the effectiveness of the rifle. As for the conceivability I would have the steyr on the hip but still have a concern about the car. The steyr would probably have 115 or 124 grain hollow point ammo for defense but I have a jeep chrerokee where there is no place for a "trunk gun." I was just pondering the thought of something like a hi-point .45 with ball ammo for the car if I had to shoot through another vehicle. I saw this web page http://www.theboxotruth.com/ where it gave interesting info on bullets and a car. Since I would keep the saiga and tight on cash would a pistol just for the car be a good idea? A Tokarev pistol is reliable and has adequate penetration for a spare pistol in 7.62x25 caliber under $200.My budget is a little less tight than your own so I have multiple AKs to place in strategic locations but most of the solutions for an alternative or reliable and secure storage cost almost as much as another 7.62x39 AK if you find it on the cheap. You're making wise decisions so keep on truckin Revelation Getting a cz-52 from a guy who has completely redone it. I fellow board member said it is perfect. New barrel, rollers, trigger system, and has changed the mag floor plate to hold one more round.
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