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  1. Hey thanks for the tip. I did not think about that.
  2. Hi- Before I bought some new snap cap or other training shells I was looking to see if anyone had some they had sitting around that they would like to sell. Thanks!
  3. Wow that has been sitting around. I am truely surprised no one has responded. Would you be interested in a straight trade? http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=45282 John
  4. I did not have it swapped out. I don't think SAI sapped them before moving the to CDNN. I ave had no problems with any FTE. It was throwing them against the wall of the lane at a normal velocity. Mine is a 2005 by the serial number. I think the laterones did not have the issues. From the Steyr Club forum I know there were issues but SAI sent a replacement o questions asked. I tried to get a stove pipe after a rapid 15 + 1 and no dice with just blazer brass!
  5. Open to trades now of equal value give or take a nickle or too. Saiga 7.62, Used Ruger Mini 14 Ranch rifle or of the sort. Whatever just send a P.M.. Looking for a good shtf gun.
  6. Hi- Steyr Pistol Package $420.00 I have had the Steyr pistol for 8 months in the safe. Sole owner. Purchased from CDNN. It has less than 100 rounds through the pipe. (Just Blazer Brass with no FTF or FTE!) Package includes 4 factory 15 round mags and an upgraded alloy guide rod. Basically a safe queen. Price reflects pistol ($370) and two brand new extra mags(50.00) I am including the alloy guide (40.00) at basically no charge to sweeten the deal. I still have the factory guide rod,Steyr case, and all manuals. Shipping will be at buyers expense and shipped to his/her FFL. I would reque
  7. Never fired the gun so the grips have not been used. Gives the gun a more beefy grip. 40.00 shipped. Money order or 3.5% paypal.
  8. 6 brand new master molder mag, Olive drab Ace Case. Never used. 2 surplus metal AK mags. I believe east German. (Rib on the back) 80.00 shipped with delivery confirmation. USPS M.O. or Paypal + 3.5% Steel mags need bullet guide. I believe master molder do not need bullet guide. Thanks for looking! SOLD PENDING FUNDS
  9. So I am taking a wild guess that this is considered a SBR is the barrel is less than 16 inches?
  10. I thank you with your guys advice I am going to keep the saiga and my hiking clothes. I have someone looking to sell a good russian optic that would enhance the effectiveness of the rifle. As for the conceivability I would have the steyr on the hip but still have a concern about the car. The steyr would probably have 115 or 124 grain hollow point ammo for defense but I have a jeep chrerokee where there is no place for a "trunk gun." I was just pondering the thought of something like a hi-point .45 with ball ammo for the car if I had to shoot through another vehicle. I saw this web page ht
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