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  1. Awesome project and weapon. Thank's for posting. Super nice photo too. Do you have any more pics of the gun?....or what ever.
  2. SOPMOD or to anyone else who may have similar rifle. I love the idea of what done to his 308, cutting the barrel to 18inch and adding the old school laminate furniture. I've watched your video of your 308 and saw were you had posted pictures in the sticky, but they are no longer showing. Any updates on the rifles progression and possible pixs. Or again anyone with a similar progect.
  3. Thanks everyone for the input...thats some ringing endorsements. Anyone else w/input?
  4. Been very pleased with the quality of the Eastwave scopes. They are manufactured in Belarus and arrive directly from there when ordered. thanks, tritium, how's the glass in your scopes from eastwave? What I mean is the glass clear or does it have that yellowish tint....
  5. I'm thinking about possibly purchasing posp 4x24 version..But some of the glass I've look thru at the fun shows has had a yellowish tint and some have not. Is there a manufacturer thats better than the other? This forum seems to think highly of eastwave,whats the quality of there's?.....thanks
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