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  1. That sounds like Kelsow from 'That 70s Show'....... By the way, I feel for you, man. Every time I go to Wally-World for 9mm, the same long-haired douche behind the counter looks at the 100 rd. pack and asks: "Is this for a pistol?" Once I even humored myself by replying that it was, in fact, for my AK-47. Boy, that suspicious sidelong glance is enough to want to brick the bastard in the head with the ammo. RRRRAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!! Walmart : Hire for quantity, not for quality.
  2. Power Corrupts. He probably was shot down by his boyfriend that morning.
  3. LEO are corrupt because they have power over the ordinary citizens. Power corrupts. "Protect and Serve" is more like a business slogan than it is a factual pledge. Furthermore, the police have no obligations to protect us. The Police are State-run organizations, and the Constitution is very clear on the subject of the State interfering with a free citizenry: It tells the State to keep out of our lives. Kind of interesting when you note all the bureaucrats trying to take your guns away from you by feeding you the line of bullshiite that the cops are there to protect you, so you d
  4. Quote: Meantime, Muslim children are being allowed to pray during what's being called their own time, that's lunch time, during Ramadan. Parent June Quigley said, "They get to pray in our schools. That is religion in a public school." Quote: Nofel said, "We go and we celebrate the holidays and traditions here, but we do have the right to be Muslims as well." Oh, Yeah? I have the right to be a Christian, but I'm either not allowed to or looked down upon whenever I want/do pray inside city facilities. Go grab a tissue, pal.
  5. No, not 'Cheap' as in cost, but 'cheap' as in quality. That was my point. Sorry about that; I should have clarified.
  6. As long as they work, I can't see anything wrong with them, "cheap" as they may seem to some.
  7. So I took a chance and bought a $30 Promag 30 rd. Magazine for my .223 and it cycled freely. It seems nice, just a bit too loose in the side-to-side play. What are your experiences?
  8. Unbelievable This is only part 1 of 2. http://www.washingtontimes.com/apps/pbcs.d.../109280110/1001 Gay protection tacked onto defense bill http://www.washingtontimes.com/apps/pbcs.d.../109280110/1001 By S.A. Miller September 28, 2007 The Democrat-led Senate yesterday adopted legislation giving homosexuals additional protections under federal hate-crime laws, attaching the measure to the defense authorization bill and daring President Bush to veto it as promised. "The president of the United States has never vetoed, in the history of the United States, a d
  9. If you want to hang a different flag, hang it UNDER the American Flag! It drives me nuts & bolts seeing the fragging Mexican flag hanging all over this country with no respect for the Stars & Stripes. Makes me want to burn every damn Mexican flag every Cinco de Mayo..... IF MEXICO IS SO GREAT, WHY DON'T YOU LIVE THERE!????!?
  10. My only comment is that I hope the Big One comes sooner rather than later; could take out a larrrrrrge chunk of the toilet scum this country is coated in.
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