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  1. spicoli

    Best Mags

    Factory Izhmash or Csspecs
  2. Are there any markings? Are the locking lugs metal?
  3. No metal reinforcements in the Kalashnikov-USA mags. Quite a shame.
  4. Received my 10 round magazine from gunbroker today. Here are some pictures. A quick fit and function test seemed ok. No side to side wobble. A little up down movement in the rear. However, I was extremely disappointed when I took a magnet to the front lug and absolutely no cling. I was really hoping for a lite, durable factory 10 rounder. But with no metal lug and $50 a piece, I will stick with factory Russian mags and Csspecs. I was hoping for good things from Kalashnikov USA. So far I have called them and emailed them several times regarding parts and hav
  5. Tried contacting Kalashnikov USA regarding parts and magazines. Been a couple weeks and no response. Unfortunately, looks like Kalashnikov USAs customer service is based in Russia
  6. I have a factory 12C marked "18,3" and it has a 22" barrel
  7. I was lucky enough to get the Law Enforcement Marked Magazine. Good reminder of the dark days. If I do cut the barrel down to 18" will need to re-drill/add ports?
  8. Its really the reason I am even asking the question. I hate to permanently change a rare bird but most would agree 22 inches is just ridiculous for a magazine feed shotgun. The advantages of 4 less inches and threading for muzzle devices seems just to practical and aesthetically pleasing to do.
  9. Recently acquired a LEO 12C for a great price. Great Shotgun but the 22 inch barrel is just too long. I was thinking of chopping/threading to 18" or send to Tromix and SBS to 12" or possibly 8" (12" gives my more handguard to shoot drums). Appreciate all suggestions and opinions.
  10. I do know these are different from the Vepr. Need a factory Izhmash one. Thank you in advance!
  11. I had the same problem. Krebs solution was to file the pin flush with the receiver. I sold mine.
  12. 800,000 people on the watch list now. They have breached the walls! Wait...what walls
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