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  1. Looking for a pdf of the following manual. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. spicoli

    Best Mags

    Factory Izhmash or Csspecs
  3. Are there any markings? Are the locking lugs metal?
  4. No metal reinforcements in the Kalashnikov-USA mags. Quite a shame.
  5. Received my 10 round magazine from gunbroker today. Here are some pictures. A quick fit and function test seemed ok. No side to side wobble. A little up down movement in the rear. However, I was extremely disappointed when I took a magnet to the front lug and absolutely no cling. I was really hoping for a lite, durable factory 10 rounder. But with no metal lug and $50 a piece, I will stick with factory Russian mags and Csspecs. I was hoping for good things from Kalashnikov USA. So far I have called them and emailed them several times regarding parts and hav
  6. Tried contacting Kalashnikov USA regarding parts and magazines. Been a couple weeks and no response. Unfortunately, looks like Kalashnikov USAs customer service is based in Russia
  7. I have a factory 12C marked "18,3" and it has a 22" barrel
  8. I was lucky enough to get the Law Enforcement Marked Magazine. Good reminder of the dark days. If I do cut the barrel down to 18" will need to re-drill/add ports?
  9. Its really the reason I am even asking the question. I hate to permanently change a rare bird but most would agree 22 inches is just ridiculous for a magazine feed shotgun. The advantages of 4 less inches and threading for muzzle devices seems just to practical and aesthetically pleasing to do.
  10. Recently acquired a LEO 12C for a great price. Great Shotgun but the 22 inch barrel is just too long. I was thinking of chopping/threading to 18" or send to Tromix and SBS to 12" or possibly 8" (12" gives my more handguard to shoot drums). Appreciate all suggestions and opinions.
  11. I do know these are different from the Vepr. Need a factory Izhmash one. Thank you in advance!
  12. I had the same problem. Krebs solution was to file the pin flush with the receiver. I sold mine.
  13. 800,000 people on the watch list now. They have breached the walls! Wait...what walls
  14. My Vepr appears to take the 030 factory magazines while my 030 does not take vepr factory mags.
  15. Please make these for the 030. Pretty Plz....
  16. Still waiting for Csspecs magazines for the magwell 030 Saiga 12
  17. I would be interested.100-120 works.
  18. I tried the Vepr parts and did not have success. Decided in going the path of least resistance.
  19. Do you have any plans to release these? It seems like most the work is already done since the Vepr 12 magazines are very close. Thank you.
  20. Their website says "To use this extension you must deactivate the bolt hold open feature used on the magazine follower." I wonder why? e follower.
  21. Sunnybean. Could I see how you modified the mags? Thank you
  22. Bought a Legion Vepr-12 right at the import ban and they had no more available by the time I received mine. Anyways, the gas block is noticeably canted and the barrel is a little too (I know the crooked barrel is kinda normal). How difficult is it to fix the problem correctly? This might not bother some people but it drives me crazy. Thanks in advance!
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