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  1. Well I don't have a complete understanding of our government but I'm taking a class on it right now so I wont be uninformed forever. I read about the case McDonald vs City of Chicago the other day -- My understanding is that the Supreme Court will rule on whether Chicago is even able to make their own gun laws and if not it will set a precedent to have other state laws concerning firearms also thrown out. My questions Assuming McDonald wins the case are; 1. How long could it take for other states and locales to have their firearm laws thrown out, and will they put up a big fight? 2. As I
  2. I want a Russian Red saiga 12 from red jacket and if I end up getting one I am sure it will be followed with the acquisition of many magazines/drums. I envision a backpack or duffle bag stuffed with drums and mags that I can load the night before I go and anhialate clays or otherwise go shooting. Even the cost of birdshot/target loads will ammount to something fairly large with heavy consumption and I am hoping reloading will help shrink the costs a little. Some say that reloading shells will bring great savings, others say you will have no net gain or will even spend more. I plan on buyin
  3. Okay I know it may be far fetched but look what i found: Eric Underwood Incarceration I just thought there was a chance this was him because he was jailed for fraud LOL. Anyone think this is him lol?
  4. So I made a thread asking about the Russian Red converted saiga a while ago but can't find it so I am back with different questions. I love the look of the "Russian Red" conversion done by Red Jacket/Stick Firearms and am trying to convince myself to spend that much money on a shotgun. As I haven't ever been hunting, the main use would probably be shooting clays ( something I really enjoy ). I know they say the stock saiga is very poorly suited for this because of the barrel being lower than the sight. But has anyone used a "Russian Red" to shoot clays? I think the gun is sweet an
  5. I also had a seemingly innocent thread deleted, but it was a few days after it was started so I had already got a chance to read the replies. Would be nice to have gotten a PM to give me some idea of what was wrong.
  6. I haven't purchased a drum so maybe I can't relate very well but I don't understand all the fuss! Newly designed and released products are always going to cost much more at introduction than a few years down the road. Yes of course he was selling them for much more than the cost of materials! Imagine all the hours and hours of design and testing that went into that drum. I bought a video game console near the release date and now a new one costs half the price but I am not angry in the least infact I am considering purchasing a second one ( as many seem to be doing with Mike's drums ).
  7. But it is tacticool right? :donatello: Edit; I don't know if Mall_Ninja was a clown or something but don't get upset that my picture didn't make you smile. I am mostly interested in if it is legal. The only combination guns I can find are really old-school stuff and I am interested in a modern approach.
  8. I have seen several pictures of cut up shotguns and grenade/flare launchers mounted on ar15s but does anyone have an example of a pistol mounted underneath? A shotgun would be my ideal but the idea of the short barrel shotgun legal mess kills the appeal. I cant think of a simple way to mount an automatic but a revolver shouldn't be too difficult.. Do you think reasonable accuracy could be had from a revolver with a 6+ inch barrel mounted on the lower rail of an AR could be had? Most of all I am interested in if this would be legal without any stupid permits or taxes or other p
  9. I have wanted a Saiga for a long time and I found what looks to be the coolest one I have seen on the atlantic firearms website. http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/storeproduct776.aspx But these guys want 1,350 bucks for it! How much do you guys think it would cost if you did the work yourself? Would this be do-able for someone that hasn't really done any custom gun work?
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