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  1. Looks sweet and yes they do want to push you around a bit. The limb saver and the buffer do help. However I still working on getting a brake on mine. Shot is some more today. Lots of fun.
  2. Where did you get the hand guard items from? And what is the story on the bayonet? Not that I'm looking to install one it just looks cool. My first thought is that real? Good looker for sure.
  3. How soon is soon on the top rail, and how much? Keep us posted for sure. Me thinks that might just have to go on mine.
  4. The picture with the writing is self explanatory. Second picture with the dent near the shoulder were apparently caused by the charging handle. After I place the tygon tubing on the handle those dent were very minimal. The third picture with the small ding near the middle of the case are referred to as the AK kiss I believe. Caused by the case hitting the dust cover as the case is ejected. I solved that with the buffer fabricated from some inter tube and a piece of spring steel to hold it in place. Hope this helps.
  5. Here is my solution to the problem and it has worked so far. More Pic at the Gallery under MY 308.
  6. Would be priced around the same as the s12 model?
  7. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it my not work for one reason being that the 308 uses 3 lugs rather than 2 to lock up.
  8. Yes it will. The only thing I had to modify was the safety. Mine was to short and I add metal with the welder and reshaped it to fit and do the job. You can see the before and after pictures in the gallery under My 308. Good luck it wasn't really that hard just something I wasn't expecting to have to do. I was also under the impression that the side clearance in the trigger hole was excessive. Most commonly remedied by using a spring to hold it to one side or by using washer(s) to take up the slack. There is some slop but so far I haven't found it to be an issue. I also haven't shot
  9. Now that is something I didn't know before I did my mod. I also used the #2 kit from CSS.
  10. Might Aldo add that that it is likely that you will have to build up the safety to get it to function correctly. Check the picture gallery under ( MY 308). I have a couple of pic there showing the before and after of the safety. Good luck and have fun. Now for short commercial. Got all my mod items from CSS. Greg is du man. End of commercial.
  11. Really not sure you need one for the 308. Unless you are doing something out of the ordinary to convert it. I might be wrong. Mine works fine after my conversion. Others will probably chime in that are more knowledgeable than me.
  12. Excuse me for being noisy but what did you do to it that makes it dysfunctional? Just curious? Might be nice to know in case.
  13. The Saiga 308 has the hump on one side. The other calibers don't have it. The Vepr has it on both sides, in all calibers. Thanks for the confirmation.
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