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  1. "Factory last round bolt hold open" Is that really a feature of the vepr or erroneous info about just having a manual BHO like the saiga?
  2. It is going to happen, the first step is already happening. People are already aborting babies based on sex and other genetic traits. Gene therapy will allow custom design just like in the movie Gattica. Add in advances in nanotechnology and other cybernetic techniques and what we call human can become a lot more fuzzy term. No power or enhancement has ever been ignored. Shoot I am 54 and wish there was a dose of super duper gene juice to fix me back up.
  3. The bigger truth is the states are using firearm issues to try to reassert their state rights. There still is such a thing as the U.S. Constitution regardless if the federal government ignores it. When the federal government goes bankrupt and destroys our civility the states will have to manage for their citizens. Some states are trying to regain their sovereignty and I believe it is for the best. To me the biggest guns right decision coming will be what the Supreme Court says about Obamacare. If they affirm it ANYTHING the feds pass is legal.
  4. I am sure Obummer will get a hero welcome in a Boeing Washington state plant. Boeing wanted to expand their plant in South Carolina and the National Labor Relations Board said the company couldn't because it would be anti union. Not one job was to be lost in Washington state but letting the company expand in a right to work state wouldn't suit his base would it? whoops didn't see yakdung already mentioning this. sorry.
  5. I have dealt with them twice and the last time was this spring. No problems.
  6. Pic 18 takes the term arm chair commando to a new level. He is sitting in the street in an office chair shooting a FAL at a jet. Pic 34, the last one, I want the truck and gun, one cool setup.
  7. Well coming soon and taking preorders. at $700 will be real competition to the saiga. Only 5 round mags though. http://centerfiresystems.com/MKA-1919.aspx It appears to have a fully synthetic receiver and stock setup.
  8. I bought a double barrel shotgun from them 4 yrs ago and a vz2008 about 3 months ago. no problems either time.
  9. kawasaki ninja 250 would be a good choice. I have a 91 honda nighthawk 750. Good old school UJM. Not too bad to learn on but border line on being heavy.
  10. I use to watch Gunsmoke with my grandpa. Festus was my main man though. Got a kick out of him and doc arguing. Matt was kind of the straight man always.
  11. I got my wife to fire a 22 pistol ONCE. Took 5 minutes of coaxing and she put it down and left crying. no joke. Whats funny is last week she was a gun range that advertises in her paper and she did a full police interactive video training session with best i can guess from her description co2 pistols. She was proud she was nailing bad guys and not hitting civilians right and left.
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