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  1. CPF, If you do nothing but concentrate on maintaining your sight picture while slowly squeezing the trigger your brain shouldn't have a chance to anticipate recoil. The theory is that if you focus entirely on these two tasks the shot will come off as a surprise. My personal experience is that it is a sound theory. Hope that helps.
  2. And I just want to be clear I wasn't denigrating your products. From what I've seen you have good stuff and do good work.
  3. Sorry Mike, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree on this point. The ability to "short stock" a long gun in close quarters is very much a real world performance issue. Lunker, I live in NJ and I leave my S-12 stock. I'm going to add a gas plug that doesn't require tools to switch settings though.
  4. Will runs a business, actually produces goods that people are willing to pay for, manages to land a show, and that's not good enough to be worthy of some respect? If that's the case I'd be more than happy to hear about your specific successes in life that surpass that.
  5. Yes. It works the same way on an M203. The master key was a neat looking project and I'm glad it was profitable for Will. But the answer for the original problem was a training one...make the breacher the last man in the stack to go in. The guy who has to worry about two different triggers, two different safeties, two different barrels, should not be the lead man in. Just my two cents though.
  6. I bought the Arcus 98 DA (full size) some time back. I also have been able to mod a Beretta 92 mag to fit and function in it although the slide doesn't lock to the rear when empty. Initially, I thought I would be able to use the standard HiPower 15 round mags for it. They don't work because they are too short. The mag length is the 17 round length but the follower it uses limits the capacity to 15 (this is how Arcus manufactures them). This wouldn't be an issue for anyone that doesn't live in a mag limit state because they can just use the HiPower 17 round mags for it. The finish leaves something to be desired on the weapon but it functions flawlessly. I actually like the heft of this thing. But if I had to do it again I would have gotten the compact (98 DAC) for the mag options. What I like about the Arcus is it's basically a HiPower with the mag safety already removed. I have no problem with using the trigger to lower the hammer. Even when using a de-cocker like on the Beretta I still ride the hammer down with my thumb.
  7. Which may explain why you don't get good groups with irons. You don't need to "see" your target, you only need to see your front sight post. Specifically, I focus on the middle of the front sight post, as if there was a hairline right smack dead center of it. I concentrate on this and more or less get it centered on a blurry background that is my target. Shooters that have had problems getting good groups with irons usually take their concentration away from the front sight post and look downrange at the target at some point before the shot releases. A lot were doing it without even knowing it. One way to test this is to try and remember what the exact image was during the muzzle flash. If the tip of the front sight post wasn't the last thing you remember seeing clearly, chances are that you took your concentration off it. Another method is to look at your groups. If they are all around the center, you were looking at the target. If they are strung out vertically, you have a breathing issue. Next time you are out with your scope, try to focus specifically on the reticle, meaning your target should be a little blurry. See if that tightens up your scope groups. If it does, I bet you can shoot just fine with irons, regardless of the distance. Anyway irons are an essential piece of gear on the weapon in my opinion.
  8. Not to mention their galleys are awesome! After living off winter rats for a few weeks in Norway eating in an LST galley was like heaven...until we hit open water. The chow wasn't as good the second time around.
  9. Thanks for posting this. I didn't even know this product was coming out.
  10. If you're only going to have one weapon I'm going to throw in another vote for getting a handgun. A revolver is the simplest one to operate in the event that your wife has to use it. If you have kids, you're going to need to take extra precautions as far as storage is concerned. No one weapon is going to be ideal for all situations. You need to be proficient enough to make do with what you've got. Best of luck to you.
  11. Because when I'm feeling stabby I don't reach for a gun... But seriously once you've held a well made hand forged knife (the practical ones at least) it's hard to go back to your factory made Kabar or Kershaw folder. The fantasy blades are ridiculous I agree but to each his own.
  12. That's some really good looking furniture. What method did you use to apply the stuff?
  13. My .308 has a monopod built in. It's called the magazine.
  14. I was wondering what happened to you. You ever get around to testing those vortex scopes? Welcome back to the both of you.
  15. My vote is for the .308. Brown Bear right now is going for under 7 bucks for 20 rounds.
  16. I have an Arcus 98DA. HiPower derived clone. Drop free mags, accurate as hell, and built like a tank (all steel). I got it for around $300 on GB over a year ago. I also have the Kel-tec P3AT. I usually carry it around the house and it is very concealable but has a very pronounced muzzle flip.
  17. I'll happily admit that I know very little about Saigas and have never owned one, but I do know a bit about .308's and accuracy, and the above is not true. The vast majority of .308 bolt guns are 1/12, including my Remington PSS. The barrel on mine is cut to 20", and it's run thousands of 175's and some up to 190 without a hint of destabalization and an average accuracy of .6 MOA. I know guys with 16.5" 1/12's who have done the same with no problem. I won't argue that a Saiga might do better with lighter bullets, but it's not because the rate of twist can't handle it. Damn, I just saw this response (need to keep up with these poll threads). Bolt guns are inherently more accurate platforms. That locked bolt means most of the pressure is directed out towards the barrel resulting in a faster bullet exit speed than what you would get from a semiauto action. In a semiauto the chamber doesn't hold all the pressure and a lot of it is used to move the bolt to the rear. So less spin would not necessarily affect your groups in a bolt action as much as with a semiauto weapon, where the round is traveling at a slower rate. This is also why some reloaders can get away with loading beyond max recommendations (at their own risk of course) and getting some really good results on a semiauto rifle but if they used those loads on a bolt action they would most likely get a chunk of metal to the face. The S308 prefers lighter round because it allows it to exit the weapon faster and thereby get to the target faster with the fewest effects from external conditions.
  18. If you are going to leave it stock, try and get the skeleton stock for it. The standard rifle buttstock really limits some of the things you can do with the weapon. I would even go so far as to suggest the bolt on grip and stock combos that don't require moving the trigger assembly forward. A brand spanking new S-12 needs to be worked out of the box. You're going to need to invest time and ammo to break it in, and then to see what type of rounds it prefers. An S-12 is also not like the AK rifles in that there is a gas regulator with two settings for the shotgun. Setting 1 for high power stuff (oo buck, slugs) and setting 2 for the standard stuff (bird loads, target loads, etc). Unless you get an aftermarket regulator knob, you'll need some sort of tool to switch between the two settings. There is one included when you buy the S-12 but the standard knob doesn't allow you to easily switch gas settings. The S-12 mags rock and lock in the same way as AK mags but trying to load on a closed bolt takes lots of practice to get it down smoothly. There is a bolt hold open tab for the shotgun and if you lock the bolt to the rear before inserting a mag it is a lot easier. If you are going to get higher cap mags, make sure you test them thoroughly. You can use cheap ammo to do that. I don't have much experience with aftermarket mags since I live in NJ and am limited to 5rd mags anyway. I do know that you can get a 20rd drums as well as 12 round ones. I think the higher cap stick mags are 10 rounders but I could be wrong. Lastly, if there is even a remote possibility that someone else other than you might need to use the weapon (and I'm thinking in the very short term here), I would NOT get the S-12. I would get a used pump shotgun. For the price of the s-12 you can probably get two Remington 870's or something similar and a decent amount of ammo. That's all I can think of from the top of my head. I've probably missed something though. My condolences for the loss of your dog. She probably was one of the reasons that your house has not been hit. You're going to want to get a replacement as soon as possible. Edited to add: For my stock weapon and using stock mags, I highly recommend the Federal Premium Tactical Law Enforcement ammunition. It is a 2 3/4" OO shell and I use it on setting 2 (1145 FPS). It feeds flawlessly at that setting in my gun, patterns well to 25 yards, and is very, very controllable.
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