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  1. I just bought the Barska AO SKS scope (4x21) and should be getting it in a few days. If I get it in time for the weekend I'll mount it and see how it does. I already have the Izhmash/Saiga side mount with the 1" (-ish) rings. I have a 30mm scope but I wanted something leaner to be able to use the blade sights. I looked at these older scopes but as best as I could figure out, the adjustment system moves the reticles around in the scope (as opposed to remaining centered). I don't think I'm gonna be a fan of that but I like the reticle. The Barska has an SKS reticle etched in the glass a
  2. LOL! No promises Floyd but I'll keep an eye on this post.
  3. And I'm still using factory mags on my 308...sorry, I'll have to pass for now. Best of luck.
  4. I get about 2MOA at 100 with Brown Bear also using irons. It's good stuff considering it's steel cased and 7 bucks for 20 rounds.
  5. They look great but I'd like to know if they are made in US.
  6. My wife is working that weekend (she's a nurse). That wouldn't be too bad of a drive though and if her schedule changes I'd head down. But reading through the course of fire it looks like you need to bring bolt gun also. Is that correct?
  7. Am I missing something because it looks like it's windage adjustable? No you're right. I meant to say elevation adjustable.
  8. Thanks Gunny! No problem. Macbeau and I were talking about this on another thread and I had the page handy. I like the concept but the lack of windage adjustment would be an issue for me. Not a major issue but enough to nag the crap out of me.
  9. I wouldn't mind seeing that.. Here you go. There's a downloadable PDF for the sks boards link. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=16683
  10. Just want to clarify this a little further. You'll need a gas tube with the upper handguard retainer. Or you can leave that part out and just use the lower handguard with Dinzag's bolt on kit.
  11. Yeah, best of luck man. Hold on to your stuff and wait it out.
  12. According to this report the bullet entered near the left ear and exited through the chin. Still consistent with the shooter being behind and above Aquino. One of the people implicated in the report had a .38 special revolver. http://globalnation.inquirer.net/columns/columns/view/20090819-221072/Who-ordered-the-hit-on-Ninoy-Aquino Ironically, if Aquino had not been killed, Marcos might have remained in power longer.
  13. Thanks, I initially got it because my front sight is slightly canted. Not enough to warrant pressing off and pinning back on. The windage adjustments are coarse though. I think it's somewhere between .5 to .75 MOA...but as the saying goes, good enough for government work. I'm getting more and more used to the blades having been weaned on aperture sights as well.
  14. The range adjustment may well be more important on the x39 than the flatter shooting 308. I still would rather have that slider as on the krebs but to each his own. If you look at the rsb on the 308 and compare to the x39 you will see its a bit different and should be. I think you may have the windage adjustable rpk sight confused with something else. This is a pic of what I'm using. As you can see, it has a slider.
  15. Nice first post! That had me chuckling...and these cheerleaders can friggin jump me anytime!
  16. This is the stock that came with my .308 before I converted it. It was ok and I did get used to shooting with it. Although this part kind of gives you a pistol grip, it can't even compare to a full conversion because you'd be amazed how much moving the grip two inches forward affects the weapon's balance. The trigger pull is also greatly improved in terms of feel and reset. If you're thinking of buying this stock, don't bother. Save your money for the conversion parts. If you're not going to do the conversion, I think the standard stock would be a better option for the .308 instea
  17. Shit I'm sold then. Are you not using the stock top covers with the HK sights welded on? What kind of fine-tuning did you have to do? I'm going to rig up my .308 the same way as I really want that longer sight radius.
  18. My everyday pen is a Rotring Initial Silver. I used to have the black hexagon barrel one but it got "misplaced". I like the Rotrings because in a pinch, they make nice improvised weapons. Love that German over-engineering!
  19. macbeau, any problems losing zero with that setup?
  20. Rhodes, I'm not sure what you mean by not using the slider. Mine works just fine as I'm shooting about 2MOA at 100yds. If you're talking about the elevation adjustment not being accurate past that, I would expect it as the sight was originally meant for the 7.62x39 round.
  21. pain, If you're going to replace the rear sight anyway, you may want to consider getting something that's windage adjustable. It's a lot easier dealing with the rear sight than banging at the front sight drum with a rock. I have an RPK windage adjustable rear sight on my .308 and highly recommend it.
  22. You're going to hit some obstacles in making incremental sight adjustments to your weapon with the Saiga. If you can swing the cash, get something with adjustable sights. The Ruger 10/22 with Tech Sights installed and a good sling will do you fine. If you can get the hang of making windage and elevation corrections with iron sights, the theory translates to scopes and red dots. You can also get the 25m military zeroing targets and practice on those. Best of luck.
  23. Yep. In theory I can fire my AK using my feet but I'm not going to expect it to work properly either. BTW don't try this at home folks, it was meant as a tongue-in-cheek response. I'm going to try this, and if something goes horribly wrong, I'm blaming you personally. Please post on youtube so we can all point and laugh!
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