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  1. Bossman how many times would you say you can safely reload the dinged brass? With the price of ammo I am looking to reload myself but have zero experience with it. It would seem to me that the dents would cause variations in powder (grains, weight, or whatever the proper term is). Although I did see your groups from an earlier post and they are pretty good so would you say the differences are negligible for the distances you are shooting? BTW the outdoor range I am joining this summer has a 600yd line. I'd really like to see if I can pull off a body shot with iron sights at that distan
  2. I'm leaving my 16'' .308 with the skeleton stock as is. I'll add a scope and maybe see if I can improve on the iron sights but that's about it.
  3. The only use I've found for that manual is to keep it in the shitter and play "What part am I?" I just start reading the instructions and when I get to a part name that I don't recognize I look it up. And if my wife forgets to stock the toilet paper under the sink....well, I'll improvise, adapt, and walk out with clean underwear.
  4. Doug you need to field strip that weapon and make sure you get that cosmoline off the bolt and buffer spring. If you don't know how to field strip it download this manual that has step by step instructions. It's the same process for all the Saigas regardless of shotgun or rifle (and most AK's as well). http://www.eaacorp.com/Manuals/Saiga.pdf And you mentioned that this is your first gun also? If you have the means I would suggest some kind of firearms class.
  5. Cobra, In all fairness to DougG I read that manual several times and it is hard to visualize what the hell they are talking about because there are no illustrations. I've seen that older manual that has the pictures in it and I can tell you, that's not the one that came with mine. Mine is all text. Now, Ive been around some weaponry and I've certainly read my share of technical manuals but in the end I just monkeyed around with the weapon and read posts on this forum until I figured it out. Just my $.02
  6. Heh...that would have been really ironic. For those not in the know, the founding of the Marine Corps predates the founding of the United States by 2 years....yeah, we've been kicking ass since before there was a United States!!!
  7. Kevin, I have a Barska scope on the way and plan on mounting it on my .308 using a standard side mount. This mount allows you to use the iron sights along with the scope. Keep in mind that using this mount you will need to raise your cheek from the stock in order to get the proper sight picture on the scope. So you will either need to padd the stock each time you use the scope, or get a low mount, which then blocks your iron sights. I get around this because the skeletonized stock on my 308 comes with a cheek pad that I can rotate out of the way when using the iron sights. The 7.62x39 (unc
  8. Post #1777 How ironic that I got that number since I made a comment about the Constitution itself.
  9. Topmaul, I thought in 3-gun you're only alllowed to use iron sights? I've been looking into that type of shooting competition but don't really know much about it. Any info would be appreciated.
  10. Welcome aboard. Do a search on this forum for fbmg. Better yet, try this url: http://www.fbmginc.com/ If you get it you're bound to have many more questions. Search this forum because someone has probably asked it. Needless to say, I am assuming you live in a state that has no magazine restrictions. If you're not sure you may want to check it out first.
  11. I have the 16" Saiga .308 with the skeletonized stock. The grip is still where it would be if you have the sportster stock so yes, you would have to do the same exact conversion as every else that wants to mount the AK furniture on the Saiga. As far as I know no one has come up with a pistol grip and stock that is a drop in replacement. Having said that, I specifically chose the skeletonized stock because I could manipulate the weapon almost like it had a pistol grip. So if you already have the 308 see how you like the stock as it is. If you change your mind, you can always convert it late
  12. E-10 (according to that table) is actually the most senior enlisted rank in that branch of service. I can understand the confusion but the reason that there is only one is because...well, there can only be one (just like in Highlander). Seriously, THE Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps is the senior enlisted man in our branch of service. He is the direct advisor to the Commandant of the Marine Corps - who is the most senior officer. Every single enlisted Marine is subordinate to the Sergeant Major...even if they hold the same rank (Sergeant Major billets typically start at the battalion level)
  13. Thanks for the post Juggernaut. Reminds me of the Marines we've had to medivac out when I was there in 04-05. Here's how it would go: First you hope like hell that your wounded make it to the corpsman, then you hoped like hell that they make it to Charlie Med in Ramadi, then you hoped like hell they make it to Baghdad. If they made it that far there was a good chance they would make it to Germany and then back to the States. Sometimes, this was not the case. Funny, it's easier to keep your cool under fire than it is dealing with losing one of your own. I've been on the receiving en
  14. JL, sorry to hear about your sister. My condolences. You are right about life being short. There were times that I all I could look forward to in the next few minutes was a good death. These days, every day sucking oxygen is a good day. This is me as a Staff Sergeant, practicing to be a Gunny. Hanging out at the base of those crossed swords in Baghdad. It was my only trip there so we had to do the combat tourist thing.
  15. Very nice work! I would be very interested in that custom handguard when you get it done. Please let me know how you went about it as I was thinking of trying to free float the barrel also - well, as much as possible anyway.
  16. Horseman, Honestly, I am not sure what the increments are for the front sight elevation as far as the Saiga is concerned. However, I've had plenty of experience with the M16A2 and I'll give you the same advice I'd give to a shooter at the 200m line. Make bold adjustments at the front sight post. If you are shooting 12-15'' high, move the front sight post UP about 8 to 10 clicks and see where you go from there. Remember that raising the front sight post causes you to move the barrel down to make a center mass sight picture. Watch your breathing. If you are stringing your shots alon
  17. (I disagree) "with what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write." -Voltaire Paraphrased later by Beatrice Hall in Friends of Voltaire as: "I disapprove with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." I don't know Zumbo from Adam but I think we all agree that he is entitled to his own opinion. That said, maybe this guy does live in a vacuum, maybe he has never touched a military type "sporting arm" or maybe he really doesn't know his ass from his elbow. But his opinion pretty much is that, his own for whatever
  18. CombatMedic, nice pics. I spent 2004 to 2005 out west in a city callled Ar Ramadi. Took a break during the fall of 2004 to pay a visit to another city called Falllujah. Baghdad's a nice town, especially the green zone. I think I saw two 80 year old female contrators there running around in tri-color deserts with "Contractor" name tapes. Unbelievable. Also ran into Mr. Rumsfeld at the embassy. Refused to have my picture taken with him. I've had Lance Corporals I had more faith in that that man. Yeah it was great he spent xmas there. What would have been greater is if he had paid more attention
  19. Horseman, At 50m you had mentioned that everything was fine, which is why I suggested you recheck your groups. You should have been shooting roughly 2-4 inches high at that distance with the red settings. You may have just chalked it up to the weapon. In theory, once you set the proper elevation setting on the rear sight you should be dead on at 50m. Don't be afraid to adjust the front sight for elevation and or windage. If you find your groups consistently left or right definitely adjust for windage. It is purely guesstimation because there is no click system for left or right. But if
  20. From the ar15 site but under the topic of ak47/troubleshooting/Tapco G2 FCG problems and the response is directly from Tapco. http://www.ar15.com/lite/topic.html?b=4&f=74&t=88947 Hope this helps. GunnyR
  21. You want it set to the green markings. If you don't feel it click in place release pressure on the checkered surface (don't know the proper term for it) and push it slightly forward or slightly back until it does so. Did you shoot the 50m distance with that setting (outlined in red)? If you did you'll need to drop the sight into the proper notch and recheck your groups. The fact that you were hitting high at 100m makes sense because you had the elevation set to roughly 150m. GunnyR
  22. Does mounting the galil or ak hardware affect the weapon's performance? What I'd like to know is has anyone done a before and after evaluation to see if using different hardware has affected the weapon for better or worse. I've just picked up the saiga 308 myself and have not shot it yet. I've already noticed that the front sight post is off center and biased to the left. The seller assured me that the weapon was zeroed at the factory but I assumed that he meant mechanical zero...which does not seem to be the case. At any rate, I'll fix that when the weather gets warmer and I find a range
  23. Bruce, From what I've been able to determine an AK front sight will fit on the Saiga. You can try out www.sksman.com, he has replacement sights but they range from tritium posts to colored ones. Another website to start is www.ak47stuff.com. Hope this helps. GunnyR
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