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  1. I asked both RRA & two local gun shops about the 12S back in 2006. RRA gave some lame excuse as to their unavailability, while the gun shops treated me like I was asking for 60cal machine gun!
  2. marvin42


    yep --- from mignulikz can we ban this person???? i see we have already! +1 juggernaut!!!
  3. Tried the search. Found great info ... but, no pics of the lube & grease areas inside the receiver. For some reason I keep thinking there is something I always want to grease that should not be!
  4. Sounds silly, but I lost my hard drives which had the full instructions for cleaning and field stripping my S12 with pics & video. Lube points, etc While I should be able to do this without any instruction or reminders I am sure there are others who have no manual or one that is illegible. I believe at some point whatmanual posted this in response to me about 4 years ago .... Thanks Marvin
  5. Can ya say purty please? Ok well...I can oblige..... Is that tacticool or what! lol super cool!
  6. my silly BHO has to manually be engaged ... it doesn't lock open after the last round
  7. marvin42

    My new job

    do you need a SBS permit in Texas????
  8. I have been thinking about trying to find a 1" flashlight that will fit in my scope mount & make a 1-2" circle at 25-30ft. I have color gel samples that I could color the light with from the stupid stage par cans.
  9. Anyone else like to use CLP with the brush?
  10. been trying to find these again since 06. Wish I still travelled to the Czech/Bulgaria area.
  11. def interested in folding stock & possibly the (krebs) iron sight.
  12. any plans on getting more? The stock was sold out the day after you posted before & been out of stock every time I have checked
  13. by the by::: what happened to the Baretta 92's with extended (protruding) barrel? All the new ones I have seen are nearly flush with the frame.
  14. obviously I was thinking along a different line.
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