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    FBMG Mag's

    After waiting for 6 months i finaly canceled my order.
  2. Micha360 what is that lil latch lever on the side of your gun for? Noticed it and said " hmm " Am talking about the one in front of the magwell. I asume the button on the back if for your folder.
  3. I have both and I love both of them. The trigger on my 308 is actualy smoother and better than on my 7.62. Neither is converted yet ( waiting on parts )The 7.62 wins with mags and cheaper ammo but as far as true general purpose i would go 308.
  4. Thinking about moving my FSB back to the gas block ( ala AMD-65) Not welding to the gas block but just sliding it up the barrel. How much is the taper from the gas block to the muzzle. How hard would it be to accomplish this ( simple tools only ) I have just never liked the FSB standing up there to hang on everything. I thought this might be a simple solution to the problem with out haveing to change gas blocks or weld the sights to it.
  5. Copes has the rail in stock for 69.99
  6. Came home from the funshow today with a new Saiga 7.63x39. I have been looking for an Ak to grab before the ban hits if ti does (hopefully it wont ) Saw a bunch of WASR for around 350-375 when i noticed someone selling Saigas for 240. Figured for a hundred extra in parts i would end up with a much better gun so it came hime with me. Also picked up a Romy drum and some bulgarian bolt hold open mags to try out as well. If the bulgy mags work out might just go ahead and epoxy a spent case to the followers of my other mags to function as a bolt hold open. Has anyone tried that with any success?
  7. concho


    Howdy. Always nice to see a fellow Michiganer. Live in taylor here
  8. Personaly I have always liked the 2-7x33 compacts myself.
  9. Does anyone know if any stripper clip guides will work with factory or FBMG magazines?
  10. This is a copy of my reply to Sara Brady. It will probably get deleted by some staffer before anyone gets to read it so i thought i would post it here so that someone would get to see it. Dear Sarah Brady You really should READ the replies people give to your polls before you start spamming their mail boxes. Just because I took part in your poll doesn't mean that I agree or support you. I am adamantly PRO GUN and I voiced that opinion in your poll. Furthermore I refuse to support your cause or stand idly by while people like you try and deprive me of the right to defend my f
  11. I love the T-6 on my sks-m. Used to have a chote folder but since i have moved here they are a hassle to have so i switched to the T-6 and its great . Sks is still short and handy. I realy like the adjustable lenght because of the weather( heavyier cloths in the winter and less in the summer can get it to fit just right). As far as clips go i use a combo of chinese and germany 20 and 30 rounders.
  12. After looking around for the right one i finaly found it today. I am now the proud owner of a Saiga S-308 !6" barrel. This is my first Kalashnikov style firearm. Have always wanted an AK but could never justify one (have a Sks-M para with Tapco T-6). I just have a few questions. 1. Would a Krinkov style flash hider/muzzle break be good on this? ( Made for a short gun shooting a powerful cartrige for its size) 2. What wt. bullets do the shorter ones prefer? 3. What is the oragin of of the ammo i got with the gun? ( headstap POF L2A2 have read alot about BAD India
  13. Will the ultimak for the vepr 308 work on a Saiga 308?
  14. A folding stock is not realy an option where i live. I have a tapco t-6 on my SKS-m and love it. i realy like being able to adjust for diffrent shooters and lots of cloths. I'm just not sure how well a colappsible would hold up to a 308. 1. Does anyone have a colappsible installed on a 308 Saiga? 2. How well does it hold up?
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