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  1. I got a new and pretty slick TAPCO catalog the toher dat, and noticed that they are offering US made followers in there for $3 ea! While esternally the look like the same shape as Bulgy AK74 followers, I would like to know if anyone has tried them and if so, how did they do?
  2. I was talking to a bud about how to mod the Bulgy mags, and he showed me something that was actually pretty neat. he had gotten some of the green USGI AR15 followers, and after shaping them to match the BULGY follower, he had ground the bottom flat, then ground the top of the Bulgy follower flat, and epoxied the USGI to Bulgy follower! Sounds weird, but at least according to him, it works!
  3. I would like to know who has experience with the KALINKA scopes. I am trying to decide between the KOBRA dot sight and the 1.5-5 variable that they have. Has anyone bought or used a variable POSP scope? What did you think of it? I tend to lean towards at least a little magnification for the 223, but I am hoping for experince from this field. Does anyone have a KOBRA on thier 223 and what do you think of it's use???
  4. kfb2b


    I am not sure about the 223 version, as Ihave not seen one. I bought a Saiga about 8 months ago because the 223's were not out then. he 7.62's were, and when I saw one, I bought a saiga. I know that the first two batches to come into the US were total crap, and there were alot of guys having problems witht the bullets hitting the brakes and brakes actually flying off! The 7.62 version I saw had a really flimsy stock on it too. I had read some ggod things about the gun lately in 7.62, but eveything in 223 I have read is crap. this is basically a price-point gun. Do not buy it and think
  5. OK, I see that there is a thread about problems with Bulgy mag followers, and in there it mentions that there a thing in the tech section about how to use kneading epoxy to build them up, but I don't see it, and I know it must be rightin front of me! Can someone please hlp me out with a link?
  6. Hello to all! I am considering the purchase of a Saiga 308, but i have a few questions. please note that I have not been on this site for several months, but did not find these questions answered in realatively recent threads: 1-I was thinking of getting the gun with standard trigger setup and skeltonized stock. Is there anyone out there doing trigger work to these standard triggers to make them a bit more usable? I have a 223 and am going to convert is as I hate the standard trigger! 2-I am NOT trying to start a flame war here because I did readnot to do this, but need to know i
  7. hmm nope that side mount is about the coolest place to mount it i guess they better rethink the dragunov scope setup then. maybe they were talking about on a full auto RPK or something well, here is my .02 cents on this. I tend to take a very practical look a things, not at anything that is trendy. So, here is what I persoanlly think. Go with a fixed 6x that illuminates the reticle and has a fixed mount. YOu will have between $120-200 in it. I read those reviews too, but let me ell you that many of those scopes really are not worth the money. I have seen several BSA's fa
  8. Ok, I bet the answer is just staring me in the face, so please help me out if you don't mind! I have 10 BULGY AK74 mags, an I see referenced in another thread that there is a place in the tech section that shows you how to modify the mag followers for reliable operation, but darned if I can find it! Can somebody please point out the elephant in front of me?
  9. I have noticed that CDNN has AR15 Green Followers for .89 cents, an was wondering if they can be altered/trimmed to fit Bulgarian Plastic AK74 mags. Would be a cheap way to this, I a thinking. Has anyone tried this?
  10. kfb2b


    Well thanks for the info, but I AM NOTGOING TO SELL and this is not an atempt to bend any rules!!!!! I JUST WANTED TO KNOW FOR INSURANCE PURPOSES. pretty snotty bunh here, I do say! Seen HERE : http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=19918
  11. I have a 223 cal. Saiga with the 20" barrel and would like to know it's value. it is new, UNFIRED, with the original box and accessories, manuals, etc. I was going to convert it and just have not gotten around to it. I also have a K-Var AK polymer buttsock and grip, grip nut & bolt TAPCO G2 trigger mech, Dinzag bullet Guide and Dinzag AK74-type brake. I also have 7 black Bulgarian AK74 mags. What is the value of this gun unconverted, as it currently sits? thanks so much!
  12. Does it balance this stuff well? Aim has the 55gr about $10 less per 200rnds than the 62gr, so I was thinking that would about pay the shipping. What y'all think?
  13. I am a little surprised that noone answered this, so I will. Wnat to know aht people think of barska? Go over to 24hourcampfire.com's forums and ask that!! This is a place where there are alot of gun writers, and thier overall condemnation of these scopes if pretty bad. In all honesty, I would not buy one. I was recently at a Cabela's retail store whil on a business trip, and took a look at several of these, and the quality is just awful! They are obviously NOT made in the same plant as the Dragunov-type optics, and really are better off being named BARFKA. If you look thru one, po
  14. Hello, and welcome to this forum! i have also recently purchased one of these, an the only thing that I see in it's unaltered state is that the trigger pull is not good at all! Very heavy and gritty. In this and other caliber threads there are several suggested ways to get around this, but basically I think that any good gunsmith can smooth this out to make the trigger at least a little lighter and less "crunchy" The cost of the 10 rounders is far & away higher than the cost of hi-caps, so IF LEGAL, then you may want to seriously invest in the hi-cap route. the cost of a few 10-rou
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