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  1. I usually have about 1000-1500 rds on hand at any point in time, Right now I just finished reloading a few hundred rounds of 38 so it's probably more like 2000 now.
  2. That is really cool of your department. Johnny Law here is really regulated on what can be carried and what cannot. KW I think they should have them. With the conversion and shortened barrel they are a force to be rekonned with
  3. Got 2 of them 1 converted 1 not, the ammo is about the same. There was a tutorial on here on how to make 10 rounders out of 2 5's.
  4. AegisDei is a good guy there was a little mix up but he was very apologetic and got it taken care of , no harm no foul. I would deal with him again.
  5. I beleive if it has a seperate entrance you should be able to call it your "store front" but that still depends on the town or county you live in. I knew a guy who had it set up similiar to what you described and it was fine.
  6. We sell the one with the skeleto n stock for that price in my store but that one costs $60 more at dealer cost. For the basic one thats too high.
  7. I'm sure it ISN'T easy whatsoever.... In fact, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that in order to obtain a FFL you have to fork-over your left kidney or testicle or something (j/k). I find it surprising though that no one with a FFL has posted you a reply yet; that not a single forum member has a FFL.... which of course isn't true. Tony Rumore of course does (...."duh!" to himself). Anyway, I still say you should look into obtaining a FFL. You CLEARLY have a passion and joy toward this sort of endeavor. So why not take it to the next step Dude? "Nothing worth having
  8. In the WTS section someone has a 410 for $285 shipped so you'll save a few bucks off the other price
  9. That sounds like a good price seeing it is already converted
  10. See I'm not the only one that noticed that. I had told him that in my post
  11. The mags are in NH. 45 each for qtys 10 or 15.....40 each for all 25. I don't want to make more than 2 shipments....someone must want a decent amount...I owned hunreds for my slr95's....looking for another magaholic like myslef....really pissed these shotguns are so rare...they are the gun to own in these ammo scarce times..shotgun ammo is sold everywhere so you don't have to stock up so much... I usually believe in owning 10k rounds per rifle minimum....308's are no good for me now too...getting back into the 7.62's x 39 while there is still ammo.... What part of NH are you in?
  12. If you are willing to split them up I would be willing to take 10 of them for that price per mag.
  13. I think it is a good price for the 308 but I think if you shopped around a little you could get a better price on the 410. Now that being said depending on what kind of shot and all the 410 ammo could be fairly cheap.
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