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    I thought that he was still a vendor here at Saiga12.com?
  2. Azrial


    I thought that Cobra had one that was going to be in production, years ago. It has been years since I spoke to him!
  3. New Tac-14 furniture - Grip & Forearm Location: Gainesville, GA Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: $39.95 Item Description: Magpul MOE M-LOK Forend and Shockwave Birdshead grip to fit your Remington 870. Black, brand new, pulled from unfired gun. Build your own Tac-14 from your PGO Remington 870. 0=======================================================================================0 Leather holster, fits Tac-14 or a Shockwave Location: Gainesville, GA Sale Price: $44.95 Item Description: New Leather holster that fits either a Tac-14 or a Shockwave. It's a mor
  4. Did another tour, lost my gal of 12 years, got very sick, was cured, and am living on the lake with my new wife! Life is good! I hope the same for you!
  5. So, who remains, from those distant times when we were young, wore the skins of dead animals and used our trusty Saigas to kill dinosaurs? I am curious! Yell out, if you are an old one who is still alive!
  6. Thanks a lot guys! Even with my ugly mug I took 2nd place!
  7. Thanks a lot for trying! I bought one of the new Remington Tac-14s and wanted to replace the consumer grade trigger group with a police grade, which has less MiM parts. Thanks for any efforts, the voting ends tonight 11/09/17 at Midnight.
  8. Hi, I entered a picture of me in front of my police cruiser with my Remington 870 Shotgun in a contest. I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to "like" it over on the Facebook contest page. You can get there by following this link. The contest closes on the 9th at midnight and I hope to get me a new police trigger group for my Tac-14. There is no trick, you will not be asked to buy or sign up any thing, just click on the link and when you see the ugly, but well armed, cop in front of the patrol car, click like from your Facebook account. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/Remingt
  9. Wow, this site has changed since I have been gone. I am really glad to see that a line has been drawn in the sand for the Cop-bashers.

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    2. Bvamp


      nothin wrong with cops most the time, had two over for lunch and fingerprint dusting excersies today...nice enough guys


    3. paprotective


      hey Az.. nice to have you back.. hope all is well.

    4. blackknight135


      While cop bashing is bad, telling the truth about them is not.

  10. For sale is my personal Panasonic CF-29 Mark 5 Toughbook. This super rugged, military grade notebook was the most powerful CF-29 made and is fully optioned! I doubt that there are too many nicer ones on the planet. But let me prove it! It has a 1.6 Pentium Centrino CPU, the most powerful used in this series! It has been upgraded to 2.2 GB of GB of RAM; the normal limit is 1.5 GB. The 80GB hardrive has been replaced and upgraded with a faster and larger WD Scorpio 320GB model! Adding to its speed is 4GB of ReadyBoost RAM! It has a DVD/CD Burner and the optional Emissive Keyboard. T
  11. I have a good friend that is the proud owner of a "pre ban" Norinco AK in .223 caliber. Of course now he needs magazines. Anybody know where to find these rare birds?
  12. I am not sure how using deadly force to prevent an armed robbery could be called the "sense-less taking of a human life." It seems to make perfect sense to me.
  13. Thanks Guys, It is a done deal now so the answer is academic. I am here in the area working a contract.
  14. Only the truly uninformed believe that the American Civil war was fought over racism. If it was, Lincoln would have "freed" the slaves over over the USA, not just in the separated Southern States were he arguably had no authority. The war was fought at the behest of the rich Northern Industrials that had bankrolled Lincoln into the While House, and whose unfair exportation Tariffs on the South had sparked the war.
  15. Hi, any Virginia guys here, cops especially who know the law regarding carrying a cased AK in an open type hatchback vehicles. I have no defined trunk. I need to know, ASAP! Thanks!
  16. "Political Correctness" is simply a nefarious tool for suppressing our Freedom of Speech. Its whole purpose is to make it difficult and unpopular to speak the truth, therefore problems are not addressed, they are covered up. You can not be both honest and "PC" at the same time!
  17. It can be easy to let our difficulties define our lives if we are not careful, This year I am taking the time today to count my blessings. I pray that you all have a happy and bountyful Thanksgiving no matter were you may be.
  18. Hey guys, the other day at the Red Hill MG Shoot I heard that someone was offering deep discounts on this upper. I was told who at the time, but apparently, I misremembered it! Any ideas? I am also interested in availability from any of our own vendors!
  19. I am glad to see that a rail of this qulity is available for most AKs!
  20. Careful Dude, you are on thin ice here when you start agreeing with me! I hate to break it to folks, but this has been the law of the land in many states for many years. I was taught this exigent circumstance to the Constitutional requirement for a warrant back in the 80"s! I KNOW that is an accepted exception in SC, NC, and GA. Do I see how this can be abused, sure. Have I seen it abused a lot, no. To not allow this exception would mean that your wife or daughter was inside a house being attacked and screaming for help and when we arrive and a male voice (since that is the only one that
  21. What a stupid, one sided argument! The original author is little more then a idiot looking to stir folks up! If a woman calls and says that she is in danger and the police arrive you expect them to go and get a warrant before coming to her aid? If she is a lawful resident of the home she has just as much right as the man to tell the police they can come in! This is and has been the law in most states for many years! If you do not want your family inviting the police in, live alone. Your rights end where others begin! BTW, I see two, (2) protesters, that really does not seem like
  22. 343 Firefighters, 72 Police died heroes 10 years ago, today. What greater love can one man give, then he lay down his life for another?

    1. 22_Shooter




      I can't even make it through any of those tribute shows of all the people who died. So sad, yet it brings up so much anger at the same time.

    2. bigj480


      True heroes. It's a shame that we are not taking care of the symptoms suffered by the surviving heroes.

  23. 343 Firefighters, 72 Police died heroes 10 years ago, today. What greater love can one man give, then he lay down his life for another?

  24. Guys Chill Out! It looks like an outstanding case of "Public Service!" to me!
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