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  1. Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes!! It is awesome! And a big "Happy birthday to Makc" Love to ya'll God Bless
  2. Hi everyone!!! Happy birthday Makc I hope you had a GREAT day!! I would like to say "Thank you" to each and every one of you for the birthday wishes. Ya'll are the best, just like family Take care and God Bless ya'll !!!!!!! Drew loves ya'll too, thanks for being good to him.
  3. Happy birthday Drew!! Hope you have a great afternoon. See you after work. LOVE YOU
  4. Thoughts and prayers are sent your way!! We love you We know you will have a full and speedy recovery!!
  5. Happy birthday to you(s)....Happy birthday to you(s).....Happy birthday Dear Tony and Mike.....Happy birthday to you(s) Tony and Mike, I hope that you guys had an AWESOME day and hopefully it continues on into a GREAT evening Tony, look forward to meeting you someday, that would be really cool!! Mike, can't wait until we can get together again. We need to plan something soon!! We can come your way!! BIG HUGS to you both. Take care, God Bless!!
  6. Awww.......Thanks guys!! How sweet and thoughtful I know I am not on here much, but stay connected thru Juggs. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I hope each and every one of you had an awesome day as well!! Ya'll Rock!!!! :super:
  7. Waiting for Sons of Guns.....YAY

  8. Aww.....thanks guys for the nice words. It means a lot to us. You all are a great bunch. Thanks for all the support. You ROCK I hope everyone has a GREAT night. Gotta get back to TNA Wrestling Or as Drew would call it "Cultural studies".......LOL
  9. Aww......Vitamin K, it was awesome to see you again!! Thanks so much for stopping out. We need to make it where we can hang out a little more PM me or look us up if you are on FaceBook. Take care and God Bless. Thanks for all you do too !!
  10. THANK YOU ALL for the birthday wishes!! That was sweet and kind. Take care everyone and God Bless!!!!!!!
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Max!! I hope you have a GREAT day,(birthday buddy)
  12. TJ's tumor shrunk from the size of his fist to 3 mm (size of a pencil eraser) due to the chemo. One week ago Thursday he had 8 inches of rib taken out. He is doing great! The surgery was a complete success. They removed any remaining tissue and he does not even have to have radiation now. PET scan looked clear!! He'll follow up every few months, other than that he is "good to go" Praises ALL the way around, survivors one and all Bounce, TJ wanted us to express a special thanks to you for your support in getting him thru this, it meant a lot to him and us. You and Shannon
  13. YAY!!!! You guys got the T's!!! They look great on her. After seeing pictures of her that were posted on the forum and seeing how little she is, I decided to get her in specific 'girlie' T's for a better fit. I like those ones as well, they are not all big and baggy like a regular T. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but when you can 'choose' what you order in and have printed up.............. We hope you like what we picked out for you too Just grabbed a few in the different logos that we had in your size. If there is any particular design that you wanted and did not get, pleas
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREW!!!! The BIG 4-0......YAY!!!! What 'cha wanna do? (ok.........besides that ) We should have planned a shoot at the Pit. We will have to do that, but have a better weather day!!! Have a GREAT day!!
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