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  1. 5 MN's, 5 saigas, an AR, AK, romIII, and some other .22's and hand guns. but it seams to be the big dirty rifles the wife likes least.
  2. i will answer the ones i know 1. no idea 2. same buffers as the S-12 3. the size matters, a 76mm wont feed 2 3/4 reliably. tyhey are harder to find than S-12, the 12ga is more popular. 4. no clue 5. both of mine are still stock conf. (i am finishing a thumb hole stock for the wife to use, for the added weight) and i have found them to feel about the same as the S-12, a little lighter recoial, but the same otherwise.
  3. there is little to no diffrance in the s-12and s-20 weight
  4. it might be a matter of luck, not desine.
  5. according to here a large cap mag would be 20-30 rounders. on page 6 under Milatary configuration. the major problem is that there has been no determation from the ATF about 8 or 10 round mags for shotguns. there are "guidlines" but becoulse the desisions are made for each model it is imposable to guess what will happen till the ATF tells us. we may end up with it being legal for a 20 ga but not a 12 ga. all these rules go uot the window if you turn it into a "us made" weapon, replace 4 parts and it is no longer foreign. also remember the .410 is unusal for a shotgun in that it has a bore small enoufg to not be a DD. that is why you can get a .410 handgun, but a 12ga, or 20ga would be a NFA weapon.
  6. what, how did we let a freak from over hter end up sollieing out fourms??? hi spaz
  7. welcome to my (other) addiction, i got my first MN 3 years ago, and now have 5.
  8. (this aint ment as a flame) can you show us where this is written? i have seen this posted again and again, bu tnever with a link to any code that supports it. to the best of my knolige there is no fed law restricting the size of a shotgun's mag. there are limits for the size when hunting, but those are state laws.
  9. you will need to go to one of the UPS hube, the stores wont take it, but they can tell you where to go
  10. they are in, and on for pix. i need to finisg them, and add a recoial pad (to try to getthe wife to shoot it), but i think they look great!
  11. and it is a sellers market
  12. the saw grips are a lot more nicer than the stock grips, the pistol would be a lit more painful if i did not have it.
  13. the gibbs enfield 308 mags look to be about the right size for the saiga, just need some tings added.
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