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  1. I am running the short one with a Burris Fastfire III. I think it's perfect for a micro red dot. Anything else, and it's a bit high for my taste and aesthetically looks like the optic is floating a few inches over the gun. Just looks odd IMO. As the poster above noted, the mounting structure is not a great one to carry weight. IT has a very small base foot print and you can "bend" the rail if you are not careful. It's not as super solution but it is a viable one for a micro dot. As to CSS, they have been around for a long time and had the things I needed that nobody else had when they were
  2. I have run them on 12's and Vepr's and really like them.Don't have any pictures of my 12's. Here it is on a Draco SBR.
  3. I've always had good and fast service from MD Arms. Ordered a couple 20 rounders when they where on sale and got them in days. Only grip I use is the Molot grip. Always get them fast. Concerns me for the future to hear you guys problems, but I've consistently had good service. Past and present, Odd...
  4. I have a brand new Choate forend. I ordered an 870 and was sent this one by mistake. They told me to keep it. I'd sell it for $20 shipped.
  5. That would be 9mm Makarov (usually). There are some Makarovs that have been converted to shoot 9mm. The vast majority are 9mm Mak, some .380, and very few 9mm. 9mm Kurz = 9mm Short = .380 ACP
  6. That's really good looking! Only "problem", seems to be that the grip and stock have fairly large white/cream colored areas that make direct contact with the receiver color. If there was a way to blend those areas, I think it would be perfect.
  7. I been wanting one of their rails since they came out several years ago. Hopefully, they can actually get them to market. Wish the price was lower.
  8. Having run several of the first variants, I'm really looking forward to the new model. Fixed the only complaints I had with the first version.
  9. I struggle going over $650. I've traded and added cash to go over that figure, but not at one shot.
  10. I have experience with many pro-mag 20 rounders, from when I worked at a gun store and personal use. Outside of some minor ramp fitting, I've never had any trouble out of them. I probably wouldn't want to run one in competition type use, but for rec shooting they are fine.
  11. I personally like the feel and function. Not keen on the looks. I've been going with the K-Var RPK style handguard. Very similar but slimmer and better looking IMO.
  12. The 4473 says "illegal" drugs. Technically she didn't lie. However, if a restraining order is filled for the threat then she would be flagged during purchase.That is probably the best route anyway.
  13. Same thing as the Missouri "racist" extortion racket. They can't even protest after a football game because of fear of all the "drunk white people"
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