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  1. Great job man. Thanks for posting.
  2. I use copper anti-seize on my gas plug. I have had no problems with it getting stuck or being difficult to remove after repeated firing.
  3. blurted

    Bad day

    I had to grind a little off the back side of the bracket myself to get the screw to line up.
  4. That is how I did mine, but I am also using the grip nut to hold it in.
  5. beagle12 is right on about opening up the hole in the retaining plate. I had to do the same thing to get it to line up. I also modified the BHO.
  6. I also received a PM from him. Added him to my blocked list. Mods, please lock this guy.
  7. What are these brakes made from, steel or aluminum?
  8. The IZ-107's Centerfire is selling do not have the siderail. The IZ-109's they have do have the rail.
  9. Fitting the two I picked up was easy. I just used a little force when rocking them in. Once I heard the click, I just removed the mag and then filed the area that was deformed from the forceful insertion. They work great now and lock in easily. I have had no problems with feeding. The follower does tend to ride up past its stop point though.
  10. Well what are you waiting for man, break out the TIG and get busy. I can't wait to see the light mounted. You just keep inspiring me with more ideas for this gun.
  11. I agree with Frost, twist Tony's arm a little and make those gas plug mods available.
  12. If you do this, what will you use to stop the safety when switching from "Safe" to "Fire"? You would have to remove the sporter plate, which has the built-in safety catch. I wanted to do the same thing and reuse the trigger guard if I can help it. Just cut the stop off the sporter plate and screw or rivet it back in place. Here is a pic of how I did mine. ETA Another pic
  13. Save the money on the trigger guard and re-use the one on the S-12. Also, if you already have a G2 trigger group, modify it yourself and save some cash there too. Cut the square hole for the pistol group nut and use a standard AK grip and nut.
  14. Any pics of the finished part?
  15. Are you saying your bolt carrier came off the back of the gun? I am guessing your dust cover flew off too. Can you post some pics of the gun?
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