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  1. Racer 27

    Price check

    Thanks Mullet. and thank you also Pedal.
  2. Racer 27

    Price check

    I see prices kind of all over on Saiga 12s was wondering what a saiga with a cadiz gun works LRBHO be worth? Delete or move if its not ok to ask this here.
  3. Just this afternoon I had a company come to my house to check out my system as it wasn't working properly. He cleaned it up got it working in about 15 min, I now know a place to clean that I didn't know before. I asked him if this was a good system and he replyed that they have replaced 90% of the timer/head areas of them. I asked how much and he said around $650 for them to do it. He told me to just clean it when I had a problem. My system is 10 years old.
  4. The local style 1 day matches i've been to its been $20 to enter. Additional cost are 1 hour drive, ammo that you shoot. Normally say 50 - shot, 50 - 9mm, 50 - 5.56. Don't miss and its cheaper Gear wise I run a cheap Glock 17 I got that was well used, $600 dollar ar I put together(as in upper pinned to lower), and saiga I converted. Most of the time you can put extra mags in your pockets. Other times if you need more just what ever cheap holders you can find. I have a good holster for my pistol, you don't want it falling out and getting you disqualified for the match. For the AR and
  5. That's like a pretty lady on her knees with your dick in her hand leaning forward tongue out only to get up and walk away.
  6. I had a Nylon 77 in green when I was a boy. I loved it, light weight and accurate, but it jammed 2 out of 10 shots so I traded it for my first AR. Bought one off of gunbroker for my boy so he could learn it deal with it and wouldn't you know it, it doesn't jam.
  7. I need to come back to this site more often, many new and interesting things happening. My vote is is saiga and vepr.
  8. 9 shot with 6 round side saddle. I only shot 8 rounds through it. $450 shipped. Would consider trading for pistol barrel upper in 300 blk out. Money order certifed check.
  9. I make and design oil pans for race cars, hot rods, boats, etc. We sell some to Ford and Chevy for their circle track racing crate motors.
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