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  1. They closed the NFA machine gun registry in 1986. No new machine guns can be created for civilians. You'll have to find a selective fire Kalashnikov that was on the books before they were closed, and have your krink built on that receiver. ahh yeah i understand now, it seems like it would be way too expensive for that, ill just have a semi and have fun with it =D
  2. So because its not Full Auto when i purchase it I cannot change the internal parts to work as full auto even though it was registered as a class III? or couldn't I just get a full auto trigger set, and place it in, i would think i would have to pay an additional $200 tax on the conversion kit.
  3. So im looking at getting a SBR (semi-auto) Krinkov and going through the whole bs with the ATF and paying them their $200 just like they want. But im curious if after I modify it to full auto will that still be compliant since the rifle was already transferred as a class III?
  4. Well i cannot afford the cost of getting a S-12 and get the conversion for it, especially since tromix is backed up for over a year i believe. I know of no other gunsmith that can do what i would like for the S-12 so thats why. Obsolete... possibly, but for $200 its better than no SG
  5. Its a Maverick 88 by Mossberg, 12 gauge shotgun, brand new in box $200... cant beat it... after some mods it looks like this... and i have more accessories coming in the mail. also why is there no forum for non-saiga shotguns?
  6. Welcome to the forum, there is tons of great info here!
  7. You can't go wrong with RCBS. I've have the same equipment for over 30 years. Everything you need is right here: http://www.rcbs.com/ thanks for that great website, looks like it has all the info i need
  8. Hey all I am definitely interested in the reloading process and I'm not exactly sure what all equipment it takes and the cost of it. I really would like to reload .308 & 7.62x39 for rifles, and .45acp for pistols. Approximately what would be the cost of the equipment for reloading (I'd prefer the high quality stuff that will last for years hopefully), also what parts would i need to buy and what brands do y'all recommend? I hear Dillon is really good but i have no experience in the matter, Anyways any info would be much appreciated! Thanks Again, Kaiser
  9. i have the thick one in my Hungarian AK and the thin blue one in my .308 both work great, ive never had any issues.
  10. See there is only 1 screw holding it to the receiver. I removed it and was only able to get it out by 1/16th of an Inch. This is that spring loaded hook i was talking about, it seems like its only function is to hold onto that bar going from side to side on the receiver. I believe that hook is part of the stock, by pushing that down i was able to move the stock a little bit to a total of 1/8 in. there is also this bar that goes back to the end of the receiver, i dont know if it has anything to do with it but its hard to tell.
  11. In that case, get out your rubber hammer. Conversely, you and your friend can play tug-o-war. Two screws should be the only things holding it in, and if the screws are out, you may have to convince it to part with the rifle. yeah we tried that to no avail.... there must be something holding it in... ill take some photos tomorrow when my batteries are charged.
  12. There are two screws on the top. Remove your recoil spring to find the other one. Please don't mess with anything but those two screws, or you'll be wishing you had 3 hands to put it all back together under the button attached to the recoil spring there is a hole for a screw, but its not there. Seems like when it was built they figured 1 screw was enough... still wont come out.
  13. Im still waiting for my friends tools and assistance to finish the conversion... but its looking awesome right now! im not sure what stock im going to put on it yet, since this is my main hunting rifle I might get a matching dragunov stock.
  14. Ok so a while back I bought my hungarian AK with that metal side folder on it. I cannot figure out for the life of my how to remove it. I found one screw holding it to the receiver and i removed that, there was also what looked like a spring loaded hook holding onto a bar. I was able to push that down with a screw driver and tried to pull the stock out. With me and another guy we were able to move it maybe 1/8 of an inch. Is there something I am missing?
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