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  1. Just like the title says, I'm looking for an OEM Saiga Forearm for 7.62/.308 rifle. I'm messing around with an AMD-65 build and looking for something cheap that I can modify. Please quote me your price shipped to 65807. PM works best. Thanks.
  2. If you're even half-a-man, I really don't think you'll find the recoil on 2-3/4" 00 buck that bad at all. Especially with a quality pistol grip and the right shooting stance/position.
  3. One of my two go-to weapons for home defense is a 14" Mossberg 590 AOW w/ a 600 lumen weaponlight. The reason I went with the AOW is because it fits so perfectly in my top dresser drawer and it is very maneuverable in close quarters. Now I know there are a lot of arguments against stockless shotguns, but I practice with it often and can rapidly hit anything I want with it while still maintaining control. The point in a self-defense weapon is to be able to use it to quickly and reliably stop the threat. As long as you can do that with whatever legal weapon you choose, you are just fine.
  4. Wouldn't this build require a registered pre-'86 full auto receiver? Wouldn't the only way to do this without becoming an FFL be to demill both guns and rebuild a new one with Draco parts on the registered receiver?
  5. I'd be interested, regardless of the smaller details.
  6. I had Cadiz Gun Works cut mine back to 16", thread it, move the front sight back, and refinish it all nice. I love it. I'm pretty sure the velocity loss is negligible. Plus, reputable manufacturers make 16" barreled .308 battle rifles (Springfield M1A Socom, DSA SA58, FN SCAR, etc.) You'll maybe gain around 50-200 FPS with a 18" barrel, if I'm not mistaken. My vote is if you want shorter barrel, go for it. Also, it's more accurate now than it was before it was cut back. I've heard that others have experienced accuracy increases with 16" barrels due to barrel harmonics, blah, blah.
  7. Above is kinda correct, depending on where the NFA item started and the original selling party . . . . Condition #1: out of state individual to out of state dealer ($200), then out of state dealer to your in-state dealer ($0), then your in-state dealer to you ($200) = $400 Condition #2: out of state dealer to your in-state dealer ($0), then your in-state dealer to you ($200) = $200 (For example, I just bought a lightly used TMSA suppressor from an in-state NFA dealer for $100 + $200 in taxes and no transfer fee! Shopping around can bring up some good deals if you're patient and do
  8. Working on an SBR build based off an AMD-65 kit. Looking for a factory black plastic Saiga 308 handguard (or off any Saiga rifle, if they're all the same?). Anyone have one they're willing to sell me on the cheap? PM works best to get a hold of me. Thanks!
  9. BAMF is the acronym that comes to my mind when I read through this thread. Matt, I do live in Missouri, although I'm a good 3 hours from St. Louis, but the drive isn't too bad. I've been looking for a reputable company to build and customize an AMD-65 SBR. One of these days I'll get in touch with you all about that.
  10. I'm glad to see a Missouri based business member as a sponsor here. What ya selling?
  11. Like I said, below spot with shipping included in the price. But thanks for reiterating.
  12. I have some 35% silver content nickels for sale at below-spot prices with shipping included: 100 nickels for $225 shipped / 200 nickels for $445 shipped / 350 nickels for $775 shipped Prices good only if paid for before Monday, April 11th. Payments accepted: Paypal (add 2%) or Money Order (must be in the mail by Monday).
  13. History proves that guns and survival go together like peas and carrots. If you had a forum dedicated to carrots, peas would surely be part of the discussion from time to time. In this case, peas might even be deserving of their own sub-forum. Eh?
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