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  1. 10/22 with a Green Mountian barrel, Butler Creek stock and a leopould vari-xIII 1.5x5x20 scope Winchester Model 70 Stealth with a Tasco 6x24x44 Target Varmint Scope -thomas
  2. my Birmingham 1917 built Smle still has the stock pin from the records that came with it and it hasn't even begun to show any wear 500+ rounds since i have recieved it and who knows before that. all in all for a 80+ year old rifle it is more reliable then some of new rifles i own. -thomas
  3. I drilled and tapped the fore arm and installed a weaver scope mount so i could mount a flashlight to it, that might work for you aswell. -thomas
  4. KySoldier- nice rifle what scope are you using? I'm looking at the bushnell 3200 tactical, or a tasco target/varmint 10-40x50 and getting the target knobs calibrated for 168gr .308 match ammo. I'm pretty much dead set on getting the Winchester as it comes with a HS kevlar/fiber stock and i like the overall build of Winchester rifles I have a model 43 in 218bee as well as a pre 64 model 70 in 270win. -Thomas
  5. a picture of my progress so far joekens customer service wasn't the greatest so i cancelled my order through them so no muzzle brake yet, I really like the lengnth of pull with the factory sporter butt stock, are there any ak type stocks with near the same pul? -thomas
  6. i'm in new york aswell, binghamton area -thomas
  7. I'm in the market for a heavy barreled .308 rifle, I have narrowed it down to three choices. i'm looking for pros/cons on each. a Remington VS700 $540, Winchester Model 70 Stealth $500, or a Savage 10FP $450 Thanks -thomas
  8. you've got the parts you need, the orignal trigger pins also hold a retaining spring for the new fcg, on Sheiks conversion page he used two binding posts to replace the original pins check the bottom of step seven. i'm in the middle of the pg conversion aswell i went through k-var for the pg screw and nut and i also got a new trigger gaurd with the mag catch built in. i went with joeken for the the saw fal grip, buttstock and a muzzle brake. and cheaper than dirt for the fcg -thomas
  9. http://www.joeken.net/store/shopdisplaypro...Vulcan+Arms+118 it's about 1/3 way down the page i ordered one for my conversion, i'll take pictures once i'm finished -thomas
  10. i got the hole cut out, i used a drill press and then used a file to clean the edges. has anyone tried the ak-74 muzzle brake from joeken.net? -thomas
  11. i'm a new member and i'm working on a pistol grip conversion, what is the best way to cut the hole in the reciver for the p.g. nut and screw? thanks -thomas
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