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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking at the non-conversion folding stock kits at mississippiautoarms.com, which include the Ace folding stock, the Tromix folder, and the Tromix non-folder, all with SAW PG. It of course uses the block on the back of the receiver. I never much loved the aesthetics of this, but I'm warming to it. If I bought the parts for a true conversion I would buy these parts: 1. Pistol Grip 2. Tromix stock 3. Tromix folding mechanism 4. FCG and shepherds crook 5. Tromix receiver block (not sure what this is called) 6. Tromix all in one trigger guard conversion piece 7. A
  2. Quick question for Tony or anyone else that has installed this part...is there any particular trick or things to keep in mind when installing it? Does it just drop in in place? Should it be lubed at all, and if so, with what? Lastly, does one end go one way or another? Many thanks, should have mine in the mail today. Cheers!
  3. They make a SAW style stock for FALs, I'm wondering if there exist some sort of adapter, or if it would be remotely possible to put a SAW stock on a converted Saiga 12. I think it would look pretty nice. Any thoughts?
  4. Great, thanks! That is an excellent idea...if I could get the safety locked with the bolt open that'd be ideal. I will look into doing this...is the safety lever identical to an AK-47 lever or does the Saiga have a unique size/shape for this?
  5. I've been waiting patiently for a metal hulled factory buckshot load...anyone got any sources? I know AIMsurplus was supposed to get them eventually. Right now the only metal hull load I know is a birdshot load...I'd rather have something more stout for that first shot, in home defense.
  6. I'm curious...for those who are keeping a saiga for HD, as I am, how is it stored? 1. bolt closed on a live round, safety on 2. bolt closed on an empty chamber (safety off) 3. bolt locked back, magazine in 4. magazine not inserted, stored next to gun I ask because of the classic "shotgun shell gets deformed" problem with number 2, and number 1 I guess too. Right now I keep a slug as my first round and I do the second scenario. I just check up on it from time to time. I would do the third scenario (bolt locked back) but the idea of it somehow failing and slipping off and chamberin
  7. Well, maybe your future. I don't care for them, and apparently I'm not alone. The design is not new, but still quite obscure. If your a southpaw they are pointless..... only a few of the new ones like the P-90 are ambi. Otherwise, the action and your cheek weld are one in the same... Check out the Kel-Tec RFB...instead of ejecting right or left, it ejects forward, over the barrel. Problem solved! I've been vainly petitioning they work their RFB mojo on a 12-gauge, but that probably won't happen...
  8. Do you have any more details on what it is...what wood, any options other than just a S-12 set? I may be interested. Thanks.
  9. BRG3, I sent this in one of my emails which may have gotten blocked, or perhaps you quite understandably didn't have time to respond, but if you get a moment some time, I'm curious if there are particular dimensions that would be required in the base wood...obviously with your workload you wouldn't be able to take an order from me this year, but if I knew an approximate size, I could get a chunk of an exotic to make into an s-12 furniture set (stock, p-grip, foreend). Anyway, that's it, just curious. cheers!
  10. Another quick question, at your convenience...could the Krebs front sight be put on BEHIND the bayo lug? It would lower the sight radius and look a little strange perhaps, but I assume it would be possible, right? Again, thanks, and this is not pressing so at your convenience.
  11. Sorry to revive an ancient thread, but I noted some broken links near the end of this thread, and I was wondering if anyone else had a lug on their S-12 and had a picture of it as a whole? Just curious!
  12. Hi Tony, I know you're a busy guy, but I had a quick question for you concerning the bayonet lug. Is there a thread that I've missed where you discuss this possibly? My questions are as follows: How is it to install? Is it fairly simple, or is welding required? If the latter, I might have to consider (when you have more time available) your conversions, as I don't want to screw up my barrel, which I undoubtedly would. Also, does it work with the Krebs clamp on forward sights? And lastly, do you have to modify bayonets (M9, M7, etc) to make them fit on the gun? I'm want
  13. Oops! I think I was playing around too much with my father-in-law's x39 Saiga, and I forgot the S-12 sight was different! I had seen the Krebs before, but it is just a bit pricier than I preferred, but the Mojo sight would require too much modding to be worth it, so maybe the Krebs would be ideal.
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