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  1. WymoreWrangler

    MAGPUL MOE AK Hand Guard

    I didn't know, and found nothing in my research that said that.
  2. WymoreWrangler

    MAGPUL MOE AK Hand Guard

    MAGPUL should advertise this doesn't fit SAIGA's, the gas pistol cover doesn't fit over the piston, and the lower hand guard is only held in by friction and could come loose under battery....I called MAGPUL and told them it didn't fit, and they should ann otate there catalog and I was told they would tell their supervisor and have a nice day, I wasn't impressed
  3. WymoreWrangler

    Magpul's new hand guard

    I've got a TAPCO Galli style hand guard on my Saiga 223 right now and I want to swap it out for one of the new Magpul MOE AK hand guards, on the Galli there is a band on the barrel that holds it in place and has a sling mount on it, can I use the barrel band with the new AKM mount or not or should I get the regular AK mount...
  4. WymoreWrangler

    Sons of Guns is back...

    Red Jacket has taken firearms to a new level, I really hope this is all bull sh*t....
  5. WymoreWrangler

    Sons of Guns is back...

    Will, I'm calling you out on an idea, why isn't there a drop in dust cover for Saiga's (and other AK's) that has a peep sight like the AK Tech Sight, that doesn't make you lose the ability to quickly field strip the weapon... Seems like a project you could do with the new CMC machine...
  6. WymoreWrangler

    AK Tech Sight, anyone using one

    Seems to be a good way to improve the iron sights, and after watching the video, talking with the company, I'm really confused if Saiga's need the extra spring parts...
  7. WymoreWrangler

    Sons of Guns is back...

    Will, I guess the best compliment that I could give you is that I switch over to Discovery to watch your show rather than all the same format gun shows on Wednesday night on the Outdoor Channel, maybe Michael Bane should come down take some lessons...
  8. WymoreWrangler

    Sons of Guns is back...

    Great show Will, even my wife laughs at the antics.... I can't wait to see what you come up with next...
  9. WymoreWrangler

    rail mount, anyone have any experience with this one...

    I got the UTG-978 mount, I'm more than happy, easy to install, now to sight the rifle in with the E/O...
  10. This looks like it might be a winner, anyone have any experience with this cover/rail mount??? http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/ak-tactical-top-cover-trirail-mount-p-199.html
  11. WymoreWrangler

    922r + tapco stock

    If you are using a factory mag, then you would not be in compliance... A mag would have to be use made to count...
  12. WymoreWrangler

    Best place for Saiga accessories?

    I got my FCG from Dinzag and the rest from Mississippi Auto Arms, I highly recommend them...
  13. WymoreWrangler

    mag wont lock in when loaded

    I just bought two Surefire ten round mags also, they will only hold nine and seat also. My twenty round Surefires and seat fine, I recently bought a fifteen rounder, I'll have to try it out and see if it will seat at full capacity...
  14. WymoreWrangler

    Great Customer Service

    I've recently placed two orders with them, great folks to do business, with, got to place another on soon...
  15. WymoreWrangler

    Why did you go .223?

    Gunshop talked me into 223, said he could get it cheaper than 7.62x39, now that's reversed...